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French Cuisine – Menu for rainy days inspired by G. Caillebotte

A menu that really represents French Cuisine: Inspired by our eponymous painting by Gustave Caillebotte (»Paris Street; Rainy Day«), the team of photographer Claudia Gödke, food stylist Maria Struck and recipe developer Lukas Grossmann have created wonderful and delicious recipes. Their French food lets us immerse ourselves in a France of past centuries without neglecting a modern touch with ingredients such as dukkah, using carrot green or a reinterpretation of a sweet Tarte Tatin.

The styling of our table is inspired by the painting and we would like to thank Soeur Maison for the props, who gave a lot of props for this shooting.

The menu consists of the following recipes, which you can download as PDF printable (see links below)

Have fun trying out these recipes. If you try one of our recipes please let us know using the hashtag #sisterMAGfood.