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Pfeffer & Frost – Colourful on the outside, delicious on the inside!

Still looking for a nice Christmas present? Pfeffer & Frost sell delicious gingerbread (Lebkuchen) in different varieties, delivered in a high-quality illustrated box. Every year, this box is individually and lovingly designed by artists. For more information, have a look at this sisterMAG feature.

Colourful on the outside, delicious on the inside!

The famous Nuremberg Lebkuchen beautifully and sustainably wrapped by Pfeffer & Frost

It always comes round much faster than you think – Christmas time. Especially this year, celebrating the holidays is more important than ever and so is the question of how to bring joy to your loved ones, especially if you might not be able to see them in person. And we’ve got just the thing for you!

Pfeffer & Frost sell the well-known and delicious Elisen-Lebkuchen and add an extra special touch with the annually changing designs of their boxes. This turns a treat for the taste buds into a treat for the eyes as well!

We’d like to introduce you to Pfeffer & Frost, founded in 2018, and show you why their products are so special – and why their goodies are the perfect present to put a smile on the faces of family and friends.

The Lebkuchen

The Lebkuchen – a type of gingerbread from Nuremberg – is well-loved in Germany. It can be covered in white, milk or dark chocolate or even a sugary icing. A mixed box of these treats is sure to please anyone. The Lebkuchen are made using traditional methods at the bakery Bock, using only the finest almonds, marzipan, hazelnuts and regional honey from Rügland.

The packaging  

A special novelty is the packaging design at Pfeffer & Frost. Each year, they bring out a limited edition Lebkuchen box made from cardboard with a twistable lid that makes different characters come to life. A range of artists and illustrators design the box with a specific theme in mind – this year, the Spanish duo Cachetejack unleashed their creativity with the topic of »Hiking«. One thing is for sure: the drawings are instant good mood boosters!

»Groundhogs and ibex greet the hikers of our colourful mountain world. Our design is purposely not seasonal so you can use it all year round to store away little trinkets and decorate your home.« – Pfeffer & Frost

The Lebkuchen remains fresh thanks to an innovative compostable foil, free from plastic. A great sign for a plastic-free future!

The online shop 

Next to the big, colourful Lebkuchen boxes, there are smaller sample boxes as well as cute postcards and a set with a book of 11 delicious pasta recipes. So if you’re looking for a new gifting idea, you’ll definitely find something here. We at sisterMAG are always fascinated by the delicious treats, the product design and the gorgeous packaging, and we love presenting our loved ones with these good-mood boxes.

Virtual holiday celebrations with Pfeffer & Frost

A wonderful idea: if you’re planning on celebrating the office Christmas party virtually because of this year’s socialising restrictions, you could spruce up your video call by sending some surprise Lebkuchen, Glühwein spice or coffee to your colleagues in advance. For more information, write to

Together with Pfeffer & Frost we’d like to wish you a wonderful Christmas time – it’s the most wonderful time of the year, after all! Enjoy your treats!