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For contributors

How can I work with the sisterMAG-Team?

If you want to do something for sisterMAG like writing, taking photos, cooking, reporting, testing or designing something, send us an email to and tell us, what you are exactly doing, which are your favourite topics, in which sections you are mostly interested in and which experiences you already have in this field of work.

Do contributors get paid?

We stand for a fair remuneration of our contributors and we will reward your contributions adequately depending on your effort and experience.

We are a startup, could you report on us?

Please send us an email to and let us know, what sets you apart from other startups! Our Startup Spotlight claims not to be too local and also tries not to about current issues and events.

How does my invoice has to look like?

To make sure that we get everything from you what we need for accounting and that payment can be made swiftly, there are some very important things you have to pay attention to. Here is our checklist and our invoice template just in case. Please send your invoice to!

Don’t forget:

  • Invoice address: Carry-On Publishing GmbH / Gustav-Meyer-Allee 25 / 13355 Berlin
  • Your Tax-ID (European Union: VAT Ident. Number)
  • Invoice numbers and date
  • Transfer details (Paypal or bank account: IBAN and BIC)

Our VAT Ident. Number: DE287872130

For readers

Where can I find old issues of sisterMAG?

You can find all issues of sisterMAG that have ever been published in our archive.

Does sisterMAG cost anything?

Reading sisterMAG on a browser, downloading the sisterMAG app or our sewing patterns, recipe cards and all other tutorials are completely free and will stay for free.

Is sisterMAG also available in print?

sisterMAG is a digital-only magazine and will continue being published online.

How can I read sisterMAG?

sisterMAG is published in German and English and is read mainly online on the iPad or tablets. You can read the current issue of sisterMAG right here on our website or just download our app for free in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

How often is sisterMAG published?

sisterMAG is published every two months.

Where do you find inspiration for new themes and features?

We have set a yearly editorial plan for our issues and their main topics. Over the year we add topics – that might be because of a contributor, blogger, writer, photographer who pitches an idea, a conversation we have with friends, a picture we see or the latest fashion that we want to present or the advertising partners we work with. Everyone in the team can bring in ideas and we are always open to suggestions. The limiting factors are only time, production volume and the number of pages of sisterMAG.

Can I buy the collections and dresses of Evi Neubauer?

The exclusively produced individual pieces of Evi Neubauer for sisterMAG are not for sale, but you really should take up needle and thread and do it on your own with our sewing patterns!

Is sisterMAG a magazine only for women?

sisterMAG is the Journal for the Digital Lady, addresses a group of women, who has been neglected by many traditional publishing houses so far: widely interested, well-educated, independent women, who are enthusiastic about the digital world and who want to read intelligent information presented in an appealing design. sisterMAG covers topics ranging from fashion, technology, digital trends to food, DIY and other lifestyle issues. And of course not just women are writing for us. So there are always very interesting topics whether for man or for woman.