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The Idea behind sisterMAG

Every two months sisterMAG – the Journal for the Digital Lady – covers a variety of subjects including fashion, food, DIY and lifestyle as well as technology, digital trends and startups. sisterMAG addresses a group of women often neglected by traditional publications: widely interested, well-educated, independent women who are enthusiastic about the digital world looking to read intelligent information presented in an appealing design.

Who’s behind it all?

sisterMAG is the idea of the sisters Antonia (Toni) and Theresa (Thea). It originally developed from the topic of Thea’s graduation thesis for her university course in “Publishing Technology” in which she did research into the future of magazines in the digital age resulting in the first issue of the digial-only magazine in February 2012 which was created with the help of many bloggers, photographers, friends – and her sister.
After the successful launch the sisters and Toni’s husband Alex decided to take sisterMAG and in January 2013 founded the Carry-On Publishing company which now publishes sisterMAG. A genuine family business.

The team has grown steadily and now comprises Content Managers, designers, photographers, illustrators and many creatives more.

What to expect from sisterMAG

Unlike other women’s magazine on the market which look basically the same with every issue, every new sisterMAG is a new surprise. It doesn’t feature your typical categories like horoscopes. Every issue is dedicated to a different theme which provides a general thread through the entire magazine. In 2013 the issues were inspired by book titles (like Nabokov’s “King, Queen, Knave”). In 2014 we chose to focus on school subjects (like “Music & Physics” in sisterMAG15). In 2015 the editorial team is focusing on objects (like “keys” in sisterMAG17).


Based on the title theme the sisterMAG team creates a colourful mixture of topics which the editorial team compiles in a flexible collection: Trends, historic incidents, suggestions from our readership and contributors – we collect ideas from a whole host of sources and combine them to make a compete issues.
Content relating to the main topics of food & diet, fashion & DIY, technology, travel & culture features in each issue of sisterMAG and thanks to the multitude of sources we easily fill 350 to 400 pages.

Who produces the content?

Each sisterMAG issue is the combined effort of 30 to 40 people who create a colourful mix of content, photos, features, illustrations and video. The core team in Berlin weaves all these different threads into one magazine and takes care of coordination, production and marketing.

The most important criterion for the selection of our contributors: Passion! We are looking for people who are genuinely passionate about the topics on which they work. That’s why we don’t exclusively work with journalists but also involve bloggers and other contributors with an expert passion. We have proof-readers to check grammar and spelling :).

Find more information on how to get involved here.

sisterMAG Studio

Since 2017, sisterMAG Studio has been a content partner for branded companies from various industries in the creation of content of all kinds – from photo shoots for print & digital to their own video series or their own (e-)magazine.

The target group-specific distribution of content via the sisterMAG magazine and/or the media amplification of content (paid social) is part of the range of services.

We provide comprehensive support from content strategy and planning to content production and the playout of content online and offline.


„Passion Beats Profession.“