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The sisterMAG team is always growing and constantly in flux. A core team, however, is involved in the production of every single issue of the magazine. Meet it here:

  • Thea Wittemann

    Thea Wittemann

    Editor-in-Chief & Art Direction

    sisterMAG originally developed from the topic of Thea’s graduation thesis for her university course in “Publishing Technology”. She manages the sisterMAG editorial staff and is in charge of the magazine’s design and layout. Reflecting her creativity her desk is usually the most chaotic one in the office and when she gets truly “digitally creative” you might even see her reaching for the paint tube.

    Colours, web & mobile design, bookbinding, photography, typography, jogging, TV series
  • Alex Sutter

    Alex Sutter

    Sales & Investor Relations

    Alex read law at the universities of Bonn and Frankfurt/Main. In 2001 he was a founding partner of YOC AG in Berlin where he built – and managed for 12 years – the sales department. At sisterMAG, Alex is in charge of the incorporation of our partners into the issues.

    Wine, Italy, food and getting food for the team :), cars, jogging
  • Toni Sutter

    Toni Sutter

    Marketing & Strategy

    Toni studied business administration and is the woman behind the numbers – i.e. she is in charge of sisterMAG’s commercial management, reach and marketing. She’s also our pioneer in the development of new editorial content and magazine concepts. Her unwavering optimism never fails, no matter how long nights at the office may get – which is why we also refer to it as “Toninism“.

    Fashion, shoes, Italy, theatre & opera, books, yoga, internet and blogs
  • Evi Neubauer

    Evi Neubauer

    Fashion & Sewing Patterns

    Evi is the mother of sisterMAG, so to speak – in the truest sense of the word. As a true family business, Evi has been involved since issue 1 and for each sisterMAG issue she designs a small collection with free patterns for downloading and re-stitching. As a graduate textile engineer, she is not only able to design dress patterns, but is also familiar with all aspects of textiles and the manufacture of clothes and garments. Even as a young girl she was interested in fashion and follows the shows in Milan, Paris and New York live from Freiberg in Saxony. And if she doesn’t sew? Then she renovates or grinds down wooden floors – a real jack-of-all-trades!


    Beautiful fabrics, colours, fashion, handicrafts, renovating houses, yoga and ironing ;) ... and most of all I love my family and the sewing machine
  • Marie Darme

    Marie Darme

    Design & Concept

    Marie came to Germany several times while she was still studying graphic design at the Institut Supérieur des Beaux-Arts in Besançon to put her scholarly knowledge about design into practice…and eventually made her way to Berlin. She is responsible for layout and design as well as the steady enhancement of the team’s French vocabulary.

    Design & art, hiking, chocolate, wine, sports, languages
  • Christina Rücker

    Christina Rücker

    Content & Project Management

    After Christina lived in London as an AuPair after school, it was clear: her big love is Great Britain. So she studied English & American Studies as well as History and went on to do a Master’s degree in English Literature & Cultures. Besides, she worked at the UK Centre of HU and immediately after her studies she went to Liverpool for an internship. Back again, however, she started working for the French print title L’Officiel in Germany. Chrissi is our team expert for events of all kinds and keeps her cool even in the most stressful moments. Besides: She has already met the Queen and makes the best coffee in the team ;)!


    Coffee, music, concerts & festivals, baking, quality time with friends
  • Ilaria Trombí

    Ilaria Trombí

    Design & Concept

    Ilaria studied industrial design in Rome and quickly discovered her passion for graphic design and visuals. Curious and with a lot of fun, she always dares to tackle new projects, especially in the field of digital collages and animation design, she really gets into it! When it comes to Italy, Ilaria is also the best expert for the sisterMAG team – this is how she guided the team safely through the production trip in Veneto in 2019.


    Architecture, design & art, movies, reading, the sea, wine, time with family & friends
  • Gabriela Morales

    Gabriela Morales

    Photography & Design

    Gabi moved from Mexico to Berlin in 2015 to study photography at the design academy berlin. She has already gained a lot of experience in still life and food photography and in general she is very interested in new things and in being creative. In the sisterMAG team she is always with the camera and in a good mood!

    Photography, music, concerts, food, architecture, sports, travelling
  • Ezbah Ali

    Ezbah Ali

    Design & Illustration

    With a previous degree in Fine Arts, Ezbah decided to move to Berlin from Pakistan, to further her skills as an Illustrator in 2018. She is currently studying at BTK College of Design, and is a part of the sisterMAG as a Designer and Illustrator.

    Mountains, active lifestyle, new challenges, new cultures
  • Svala Wagner

    Svala Wagner

    sisterMAG Patterns

    Svala originally comes from the small town idyll of Bavaria and moved to the urban jungle 6 years ago. She studies Clothing Technology at the HTW Berlin and is currently completing her internship semester in the team. She is an expert in fashion and technology and therefore just the right person to support our sewing patterns shop sisterMAG Patterns.

    lots of sports, working with hands (sewing, crafting), coffee, dogs, friends and being outside a lot