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Wedding dress codes, wedding gifts and Toni’s account on her adventures at 3 summer weddings: That’s what awaits you in our Summer Wedding Guide – Guest Edition.

It had been a while since my last wedding invitation. Not only Covid but also everyone of the same age being married, slows down the wedding season. All the more joy fulfilled me about the three invitations that we received for summer. There is something magical about a wedding that celebrates the love of two people in so many ways. For many people it is the most important day of their lives and wedding guests have the honour to celebrate this special occasion with the couple. As there is so much time, energy, enthusiasm and creativity put into the wedding celebration, it is the duty of the guests not only to come but to equally put their effort in a wonderful celebration. 

We put together the combined experience of the sisterMAG team in weddings to come up with the Summer Wedding Guide for guests. We identified three main areas we want to support you with ideas and inspirations: 

  1. Dress code and how I can fulfill this with sistermagpatterns
  2. Wedding gifting
  3. How to pack, what not to forget

Also I take you along my three wedding invitations that are very different but very special each in their own way. I’ll share my thoughts on my DIY outfit choices and the wonderful celebrations the three couples put on. 

Furthermore, we also had a look in our archive and put together a variety of articles about weddings from our past issue to get you inspired before your wedding guesting this summer. 

Dress code Overview plus sisterMAG Patterns options

You RSVP’ed to a wedding and now wonder what the dress code on the invitation means? Look no further! We put together the requirements of the most common formality levels, give some hints how to dress appropriately and also put together a guide on how to dress with our sisterMAG Patterns for your upcoming Summer Wedding.

Find the right outfit for a semi-formal garden wedding, a black-tie wedding affair in Italy or the Boho retro rustic wedding in the mountains. Our sewing patterns offer the right option for all these occasions. You have sewn one of our patterns for your next wedding invitation? Please share we us – either on Instagram or via eMail. We love to see your version!



Summer Weddings Guide

Our articles about weddings and dressing for it

Toni’s Wedding Summer with her handmade dress code choices

Our editor-in-chief Toni has her own little wedding tour this summer. She is attending a Beach Wedding, a City Wedding and a Destination Wedding in the Tuscan countryside. She will – of course – wear handmade clothes, most of them available at sisterMAG Patterns online store. She will take us along the celebrations, show her outfit choices for you as inspiration and share with us some of the magical moments from the three weddings.

Wedding Guest Checklist

The invitation is arrived, the calendar is checked, the decision to attend is made. So what comes next? Not only for the couple but also the guests quite a few organisational things are to consider. We put together a little checklist of things to do – learned by experience and mistake ;-)

  1. RSVP: Are you available at the proposed date? If yes, follow the prescribed way to RSVP and also the date until when
  2. Accommodation and transportation: Check the invitation for recommended accommodations. Especially if the couple pre-reserved rooms, it’s important to respond fast. Otherwise your desired accommodation might be full (as has happened …). The same is true if you book yourself the hotel: Best do it right at the point when you RSVP. With enough time before the weddings, more options are available and it’s less expensive than to book last-minute. If you book early, platforms such as often offer the opportunity for kostenlose Stornierung if something happens that prevents you from taking part in the wedding. The same goes for transportation when you rely on flights and rental cars.. Check early and book early!
  3. Wedding gift: Couples often give a hint what they would like to do with wedding gifts. If there is a wedding gift registry, look for something that is in your price range and speaks to you. If the couple wishes for monetary gifts for the honeymoon etc., we have quite a few sweet tutorials how to wrap a money gift. If you buy the gift on your own, then we recommend to set a budget first, then think of something that relates to you personally but is something one buys oneself rarely. Check our wedding gift guide for more ideas. 
  4. Wedding attire: We put together a whole article on dress codes and sisterMAG Pattern ideas to sew your wedding dress. But before you start looking for your outfit, it’s important to see which formality level is required. If there is any uncertainty, ask the bride or groom, because there is nothing worse then feeling miss-dressed at a wedding. 
  5. Preparation for the wedding: Put together everything that you need for the wedding a week in advance. I try to do it the weekend before so I have enough time to wash anything that is not clean and to buy missing pieces.