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Dress code – Introduction to the main dress codes

sisterMAG readers probably know this question very well: What do I wear to a ball, to a wedding, to a garden party or to the job interview? The sisterMAG team decodes dress codes that we all know and yet are not always be able to interpret.

In honor of the third anniversary of sisterMAG the female editorial staff of COP dared to step in front of the camera (or were rather forced before the camera lens of photographer Zoe Noble by Thea). The task: Decoding of dress codes that you all have seen on invitations to a ball, a garden party or wedding: Formal, Cocktail or Casual. Sandra, Laura, Toni, Corissa and Thea interpreted together with Max Rünzel – a good friend of the magazine – these codes for you. 

Dress code “Business”

Dress code business – or office attire in general – is the focus of this issue. What holds true: The higher the position within the hierarchy of a traditional company, the darker the colours worn. Women either dress in suit or a very classic pantsuit. Our versions are a little unusual, especially with the open shoulder and could also be a good choice for an evening event. 


Dress code “Casual”

Casual actually means »free & easy«. Smart leisurewear is the motto here. But please don’t come in leggings or sweatpants (except the jogging pants are made of silk :). He wears jeans and a shirt, jacket or even a polo shirt. The tie can be omitted here. The principle »no brown in town« does not apply to this dress code. Even brown shoes or jackets are allowed! 


Dress code “Smart Casual”

Smart Casual sounds simple, but in this seemingly casual dress code there are quite a few things to be aware of some things. For men, this means an outfit appropriate to type: sporty with a certain elegance. A long-sleeved shirt without a tie in combination with chinos made of solid cotton (jeans only in exceptional cases). Even lace-up shoes can be foregone at a pinch. 

Dress code “Cocktail”

The dress code Cocktail originates in the USA. A dress code to rejoice, because the actual wardrobe selection is rather easy – evening chic yet casually. Stylish but not overdressed. Frequently seen at garden parties, concerts and gallery openings. Less is more! A cocktail dress, which ends at the knee, combined with earrings and high heels (preferably closed) and skin-coloured tights. NO-GO: jeans or denim skirt, fishnet stockings, etc. An elegant suit in dark grey, midnight blue or charcoal combined with a white long-sleeved shirt. A tie should be worn. Most suitable footwear are black leather shoes. 


Dress code “Semi-Formal” 

A look often required for business events, which ought not to be interpreted as casual. A dark suit, tie and dark shoes are definitely necessary. It could even mean a tuxedo as we show in our example. For her it is either the little black dress or a simple long dress. 


Dress code “Formal”

Not everyone owns a tailcoat or a cut, because the big gala outfit with cummerbund or white vest is not often required. However, those with an invitation to a formal wedding or a state reception should wear Formal or even the »evening dress«. The woman adapts to the clothing style of her companion. Before 6 pm she doesn’t necessarily have to put on the long evening dress. But it is required after 6 pm.