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SHISEIDO Interview with Nathalie Broussard

Nathalie Broussard describes herself as a caring scientist. Her role as Scientific Communication Director at Shiseido EMEA bridges communication and science to make the newest innovations in beauty comprehensible. Read more about how she does this and also always has a little time for herself on weekly travels in this sisterMAG interview!

Interview with Nathalie Broussard

Scientific Communication Director for Shiseido EMEA


Please introduce yourself to us: Tell us who you are and what you do!

I always use to introduce myself as a caring scientist who learns from other people’s experiences and loves to transmit what I have learnt. I’m very curious and open-minded, this is probably due to my foreign and multi-cultural origin. I’m French but I was born and I grew up in Morocco until my 18 years old. Since my childhood I have been very interested by science and was always trying to find explanation to all that surrounded me. I used to do a lot of sport like classical dance – one of my old passion as my second wish of career was to become a ballet dancer – and I also stirred my creativity through painting. Today, I’m based in Paris and I manage the Scientific Communication for Shiseido EMEA.

What makes it special to work for Shiseido?

When I joined Shiseido 1 year and a half ago, I discovered how it was the ideal mix of beauty, luxury, art and groundbreaking technologies. Before, I didn’t realize how powerful the research and the scientific knowledge level of Shiseido was. And I thought to myself »HOW CAN A COSMETIC COMPANY HAVE SUCH A SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE AND DOES NOT COMMUNICATE ON IT MORE WIDELY?«. Our scientific advances do not only address cosmetic field but also support dermatological field by bringing to light unknown biological mechanisms. What is magical in Shiseido is that the expertise is not limited to skincare but also concerns make-up and fragrance. When working at Shiseido you should embrace the special spirit and values of trust and respect towards employees and consumers.

In which way is Shiseido’s approach and mission different to competitors?

Shiseido is a complete expert brand with a strong expertise in all fields: fundamental research on skin biology and olfaction, an outstanding applied research, consumer expectation awareness, formulation know-how, cosmetic ingredients sourcing and packaging excellence. These expertise make Shiseido a pioneer with the creation of unprecedented products or technologies such as: the first biotechnological hyaluronic acid, the first compact sunscreen, Wet Force technology, Aromacology benefit, and more recently the first cosmetic products integrating neuroscience…And, Shiseido is definitely different, as since its creation more than 145 years ago, it has been providing a holistic approach of beauty which aims for global well-being.

What is specific »Japanese« about Shiseido’s philosophy? How is it related to the idea of timeless beauty?

Shiseido has a strong duality between East and West, but as an authentic Japanese brand, our codes can be found everywhere, in the attention to detail and quality in our product development, in our Japanese sensibility towards package design, and our unique appreciation of sensorial experience illustrated in our textures and aromas. Whereas in the West skincare starts with repair, in Japan skin health and beauty starts with prevention. The core philosophy of SHISEIDO’S J-BEAUTY is to build the skin’s power on a day to day basis, ready to defend against age, environment and lifestyle stresses, rather than only trying to fix what has already been damaged.

Which product are you most proud of? What is so special about it?

Ultimune is definitely my favorite product that carries all our DNA. It combines all in one: preventive Japanese philosophy, innovation supremacy and sensorial experiences. This product is the first cosmetic skincare targeting the skin inner defensive power, it’s a concentrate of science and sensoriality to future-proof the skin. My skin and also my mind are addicted to it and if one day I forget it, I feel bad like if I was missing something important.

In which way have consumers different demands on their anti-aging beauty products today compared to 10 years ago?

Today, women change their mindset to ageing. They shift from a negative thinking to embrace the good things that every change in their life brings. Meaning that they try to consider that their current age is their favorite age. The recent trend of a beautiful and youthful skin is now more about a healthy skin and this perfectly matches to our philosophy. Beyond anti-ageing they expect to age well. In their beauty routine they consider as much skincare products as their lifestyle which should provide balanced mind and body.

My credo to achieve the perfect balance is:

»Everything in its own time.«

So I try to be 100% available and to be focus whether I’m at home for my family or whether at work.

Be proud:

Finding a meaning to my job. This helps me to love what I do and to be proud of what I achieve. This helps me to resist during tricky moments or when I’m traveling very often.


My way to escape is mainly through sport and exercising. Every week I dedicate one or two lunch times to go running or cycling. When I’m back to the office I feel myself full of energy.

»Be proud: Finding a meaning to my job. This helps me to love what I do and to be proud of what I achieve. This helps me to resist during tricky moment or when I’m traveling very often.« – Nathalie Broussard