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My Sewing Story: Estelle Lafolie

Estelle from @madeinestel creates “Handmade High Fashion” and shows it on her Instagram channel. Find out how her love for a particular blouse inspired her to start sewing. From a random adventure to regular creative projects – dive into Estelle’s world of sewing with personal insights and exciting projects. Get to know Estelle and follow her on Instagram!

My Sewing Story with Estelle // madeinestel

In our short interview, Estelle tells us what inspired her to start sewing and what motivates her everyday. She also talks about her planned projects and where she gets her inspiration from. Find out more by reading the following lines!

1. What was your first contact with sewing? Do you come from a family of sewers?

My Mom and my godmother were both dressmakers for luxury brands, but I’d never been interested. I’ve always loved dressing up. It’s important to me, so I think it was my love of clothes and materials that led me to couture.


2. When and how did you start sewing? Are you self-taught or with a course?

It was a bit of an adventure by chance, as I’d never sewn before. I fell in love with a pretty little blouse. I quickly inquired about its provenance and realized that the garment had been made by the person wearing it. I didn’t think it was possible to sew your own clothes at home, or at least it had never occurred to me… So I set off on my own!


3. What made you want to start sewing?

Sewing was a total discovery for me and I didn’t know where it was going to take me.


4. What was your first ever self-made garment?

It was a lovely blouse that I still wear today. It’s sewn in a beautiful white jacquard.


5. What is the next project on your sewing to-do-list?

A coat in a gorgeous Tartan wool. I can’t wait to get started.


6. Where do you find inspiration for your sewing projects?

Everything is a source of inspiration! I have to admit that fashion magazines and catwalk shows give me the trends.


7. What are your favorite sewing channels or accounts?

Instagram and Pinterest are truly super-powered networks that I use extensively to research fashion and style.


8. Which fabric do you love to work with the most??

I love tweed because the interplay of interwoven fibers is so creative!

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