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My Sewing Story with Adina Lennertz

Adina Lennertz is our sisterMAG No. 63 covermodel and presents our latest sisterMAG Patterns fashion collection. She not only looks great in front of the camera, but is also passionate about sewing great garments for big and small ones.  She came to our attention in our sisterMAG Patterns Instagram community. In sisterMAG No. 63, she tells her personal »sewing story« and talks about her path to handmade fashion. Get to know Adina here!

My Sewing Story with Adina Lennertz

In this issue we are once again proud to introduce you to a seamstress and her story. She is our model for cover and collection: Adina. She not only looks great in front of the camera, but also sews her own wardrobe in her spare time – and sometimes for kids, husband and mom! We asked her how it all started and where she finds inspiration for her projects.

How did you first learn about sewing? Is your family involved in the story?

Sewing turned out to be one »love of my life«. I am so lucky that my mum was the one who passed this passion on to me. She’s a very creative woman who can tackle any DIY project. She can knit, embroider, sew, make patchworks, has made toys, dolls and much more. As a child, it was completely normal for me to be surrounded by fabric, buttons and DIY-books.

When did you start sewing? Did you teach yourself or attend classes?

I started sewing when I was around 7 years old. When I was pregnant with my first child, I wanted to be able to make these cute bloomers. And my mum was the right person to ask for help, as she taught me the first steps of sewing. But even she admits that she never thought I’d graduate from making bloomers – nowadays, it is her who sometimes asks me for advice. It makes me so proud to see her wear and enjoy the clothes I made for her. Other than that, I never visited a sewing class. Everything I’m able to do today is a skill I taught myself. I started with simple patterns that had well-photographed instructions, sewed many, many pieces and learned through »trial and error«. A few Youtube-videos were helpful, too – I still like occasionally using those.

Why did you start sewing?

The reason I started was definitely being pregnant with my son. I’ve always loved special fashion and wanted to transfer that to my child, too. I have also never been happy with the way big companies produce clothing, including the working conditions.

What was the first piece you made yourself?

The first piece I made for my son was a long-sleeved shirt with an American neckline. The first piece I made for myself was a simple raglan dress. I used jersey and winter-sweat fabric for this dress which made for some unfortunate bulges and ugly seams. But still, I was incredibly proud of it. A long-time honest friend took away my rose-tinted sewing glasses and made me see that I had made a nightgown at best.

What project is next on your To-sew-list?

My »To-sew-list« is always as long as my arm. I am easily inspired and have 1000 plans in my head. I think I’ll be done with my current plans in early 2023. In all seriousness: I really want to finish a winter coat I started making last year – something I’m a little nervous about.

Where do you find inspiration for your sewing projects?

Easy: Instagram. I like looking beyond Germany. There are many great pattern makers abroad. Recently, I’ve been inspired by the Netflix show »The Crown«. Princess Diana’s blouses are pieces that the entire sewing community is loving. On my sewing account, @adinskausminsk there are already a few Diana-inspired blouses.

Which are your favourite sewing accounts on Social Media?

My favourite platform, like I said, is Instagram. I follow pattern makers and the hashtags for certain patterns I like. From there, it’s easy to take a deep dive into the creative examples of other seamstresses. I am very picky about who I follow… I only look at accounts that truly inspire me.

What is your favourite fabric / favourite material?

I love sewing with linen, closely followed by viscose and Tencel. I really pay attention to using high-quality fabrics and prefer those from sustainable production.

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