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My Sewing Story: Chris in Seams

Chris from @chrisinseams is a San Francisco-based seamstress with a passion for sustainable clothing. We noticed her in our sisterMAG Patterns Instagram community through her interesting, yet relaxed sewing projects. In sisterMAG #67, she shares her personal “sewing story” and talks about her journey to handmade fashion. Get to know Chris here!

My Sewing Story with Chris in Seams

In our short interview Chris tells us more about the background of her passion for sewing, how she started and what her motivation is. She also talks about her future projects and her favorite aspects regarding the sewing community. Learn more about it by reading the lines below!


1. What was your first contact with sewing? Do you come from a family of sewers?

My grandmother was a talented seamstress. As a kid, I would draw with pencil and paper the dresses that I wanted to wear for special occasions. My grandma would take me to the fabric store and I’d pick out the fabric. I never realized as a kid how amazing it was to have custom and handmade clothing. I was never interested in learning how to sew until I became an adult which was after my grandma had passed away.


2. When and how did you start sewing? Are you self-taught or with a course?

The year before COVID happened, I finally took a basic sewing class. Sewing masks was my first real attempt at sewing. Besides one 4-hour class which really taught me how to use a sewing machine, I’m self-taught. I watched YouTube videos and practiced. I’ve been sewing memade clothing since fall of 2021.


3. What made you want to start sewing?

I love to travel and the inability to do that during COVID is what made me want to start sewing clothing. Ironically, the first garments that I made were bikinis which now surprises me considering I took the hard route in learning how to sew garments. Sewing wovens was a breeze especially after a half year of sewing custom bikinis..


4. What was your first ever self-made garment?



5. What is the next project on your sewing to-do-list?

The weather is starting to warm up where I live and I have some dress pattern hacks that I can’t wait to get to. I’m also trying to perfect the fit of memade jeans so I’m sure a pair will be in my near future.

6. Where do you find inspiration for your sewing projects?

The wonderful sewing community is what inspires me to find projects. My projects are driven by the season and what’s lacking in my wardrobe. Currently, I’m taking a slower approach to sewing and I’m trying to make basics or everyday items that I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of.


7. What are your favorite sewing channels or accounts?

There are too many to mention, but a few of my favorite sewing accounts are @thestitchfitz (Lindsey does incredible draping and this is something I’d like to try in the future);
@happilydressed (Brandon’s pattern hacks and self-drafted memades are so creative and they’re made out of thrifted fabric!), and @leila.makes (I pretty much want to make everything she does lol).


8. What is your favorite fabric to work with?

I love working with natural fibers but linen is my favorite as most of my memades would show. I love the drape, airiness and feel of linen. I also love how it gets softer with time.


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