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Flower Art and Decoration with Maria Luneva

Instagram can be a source of inspiration for pretty much any niche. In the field of flower art and decoration, we came across Russian artist Maria Luneva, who you can find on Instagram under @supinatra and now has around 30.000 followers. We are happy that she took the time to talk to us! You can find the interview here in sisterMAG No. 62.

Flower Art and Decoration

with Maria Luneva aka supinatra

We use Instagram as a source of inspiration and information, to express our own interests and creative ideas, and there is a community there for every niche. As well as in the field of floral and plant art. We came across the profile of Maria, who can be found under @supinatra and has over 28.000 followers, and asked her directly for an interview, which you can read here.

Would you briefly summarise for our readers who you are, where you come from and what you do?

I’m a Russian artist based in Moscow. Oddly enough I’m studying at the university in the direction of transport design, but flower art speaks best to me. In my works I use natural elements: flowers, thorns, mushrooms, insects, etc.  Nature is the main instrument and object of my creativity.  I see a lot of fashion and artful simplicity in her, and I show this side of her by the help of my vision. I create makeup, masks, clothing items, jewellery, underwear accessories and many other things from natural elements.

What did you want to be when you were a kid?

As a child, I was never interested in this question. It did not interest me even in adolescence. By the age of 16, I slowly began to worry about this and ended at 22, finding my vocation in creativity.

How long have you been a floral artist and what was your path to get there?

I have been doing flower art for a year and a half. I got my freedom from the university during the period of self-isolation. And somehow I saw the works of the artist @thundergirl_xtal and everything went off.

Do you sell your floral work? Do you do it for a living or is it your hobby? Do you give workshops or similar?

I have no business with commerce yet.  So far, my work is in an intermediate stage between hobby and work. I think this is a good period. I work on a lot of personal creativity, but I also do work to order. Ideally, I would like to maintain the ease that I have now and at the same time be able to live comfortably thanks to it. It’s funny to imagine my master classes. It would look like this: I give out a flower or leaf to the participants and give 10 minutes to think about what this flower looks like, what it resembles. And then I help with the visualisation. Sounds good though!

When did you start sharing your creations on Instagram and what has happened since then?

I began to upload my work immediately, at the beginning of my art.  And my account very quickly went from personal to creative.  Since then many people have recognized me and different magazines have published me. But most importantly, since then I can feel like an artist, feel my calling, and this is priceless.

What is your favourite flower and why?

My preferences in flowers often change, but these are always the flowers that grow in Russia, and sometimes even under my window. Now, I am in love with the dead-nettle.

How do you find the ideas for your creations? And how do you find the right models for the realisation?

The natural elements themselves tell me the ideas. I always work with association and paradox. The shape, colour and texture of the materials will certainly evoke in me an association with something, for example, some kind of household element (a pepper leg looks like a doorknob or a hanger, a campanula looks like a hat, a beetle looks like a precious stone, a tulip bud looks like a tampon). I have only to find the easiest and most understandable way to visualise this.