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NEW! Babyrompers at sisterMAG Patterns

Brand new in our pattern shop sisterMAG Patterns: Babyrompers! In sisterMAG No. 63, we show you which materials you need and how to sew step by step. You can find the pattern as a PDF to print out yourself in our shop Have fun sewing for the little ones!

!NEW! in our sisterMAG Patterns shop



Find the pattern here on

Material recommendation

All fabrics that can be washed well are suitable – preferably at 60 °C to be able to remove any milk residues well ;)

The fabrics should be washed according to the manufacturer‘s recommendations before cutting

Fabric consumption

  • 0.4 m outer fabric for a fabric width of 1.40 m
  • rest lining fabric

Other material

  • 100 cm thin rubber band 0.5 cm wide
  • 2 buttons
  • 4 press buttons

Sewing instructions


  • front panel 1x to fold
  • Back panel 1x to fold
  • straps 2x 7 cm x around 26 cm
  • Button placket 2x 14 cm x 6 cm
  • bias binding 100 cm x 3 cm
  • Sew side seams (since baby pants are washed a lot, it is advisable to sew these seams as felled seams).
  • Sew the bias binding to the leg cutouts right sides together, fold over to the inside, fold in the seam allowance and baste, top stitch the elastic.
  • Pull in elastic and secure at ends.

Button placket for quick diaper change

  • Sew button placket right sides together on center front of pants, grasping elastic ends as you do so, fold halfway out and sew short sides together.
  • Turn inside out, fold in seam allowance, baste and sew in place.
  • Work the center back in exactly the same way.
  • Incorporate 4 press buttons


  • Place the straps lengthwise right sides together and sew the long side and one short side, cutting back the seam allowances diagonally at the corners.
  • Turn straps and press.
  • Sew straps to back panel.
  • Sew bias binding right sides together, turn inside out, fold in seam allowance and baste, top stitch elastic, tuck in elastic and secure.
  • Now sew the remaining bias binding inside by hand, invisible.
  • Finish top edges of front bib and back strap with bias binding.
  • Work in buttonholes.
  • Sew on buttons.