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Straight from sisterMAG cover – the cover dress

A dress that made it onto the sisterMAG cover twice: Our 51-2 A-line dress with ruffles. In sisterMAG No. 51 Franzi wore it and 11 issues later, in sisterMAG No. 62 Nina from Juni Design wears it in a new version. Discover the versatility of the pattern here, which you can also find in our store Have fun!

Straight from sisterMAG cover

51-2 A-Linien Kleid mit Rüschen

This cover is such a highlight that it has already managed twice to decorate our cover. In sisterMAG issue 51 Franzi wore different versions of the dress and we changed the cut again with flowers for this issue. Nina wears variant 2 with a slanted grain.

Recommended materials:

We will not recommend any kind of material because we ourselves have sewn this dress from a variety of fabrics already. Whether sturdy, soft and flowy or “normal”, it always turns out different. A true allrounder to get creative with. This instruction refers to the most basic cut, but there are lots of ways to modify the dress:

Variant 1 is characterized by the grain line running along the center back and can be altered into a

  • Variant 1 blouse: an a-line blouse with our without ruffles
  • Variant 1 short: short dress
  • Variant 1 asymmetric: an asymmetric dress with a short front and a long back

Variant 2 is characterized by being cut on the bias, so there is a seam along the center front and back and it drapes differently.

Fabric consumption:

(for the cover dress sM nr 62) our model is 183 cm tall

  • 2,2 m with a fabric width of 1,4 m. The amount of fabric varies depending on the fabric width and if using a repeating pattern.

Other materials:

  • 1 colour matching invisible zipper, 60 cm long
  • colour matching thread
  • fusible interfacing

A-Line dress with ruffles

here on

The dress is available in 2 variants with thread course along the center back/fabric break (variant 1) or with diagonal thread course (variant 2)