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Festive 5-Minute Hairstyles

After our hairstyle special with scarves in May 2019, we received a lot of messages about curly or short hair. Just in time for the festive season, we have styled superfast 5-minute hairstyles in sisterMAG for you. A nice accessory is usually enough. Find all hairstyles here.

Festive 5-Minute Hairstyles with Thea and Toni

After our special hair feature in may we received many messages and questions for curly and short hair. Right on time for the holiday season, we created super fast -5 minutes hairstyles. A beautiful hair accessory is mostly enough to achieve the hairstyle.

More is … more! This is the season for the hair to shine. The curls are held back by many hair clips (all from H&M) and the sticked into a braid. If you have straight hair, you could make some beach waves with a curling iron, it makes the hairstyle even prettier.

1. Rhinestone Teardrop Earrings, Zara

2. Knit beanie, H&M

3. Headband with straps, H&M

4. Rhinestone hair clips, Zara

5. Headband with pearls, Zara

6. Hairclips, Zara

7. Bejewelled wool beret, Zara

8. Spare mini faux pearl earrings, Zara

9. Hair clips, H&M

Super easy way to upgrade the hat (and at the same time to realise the Marc Jacob’s runway trend): just put some feathers into the back of the hat. 

Short hair also offers the opportunity to start in the holidays with beautiful accessories: it glitters with hair bands or earrings (models from ZARA) and the look becomes really wintery with a wool beanie in white (H&M).

The DIY version of the hairband: on @sister_mag you can find the IGTV video for the hairband in the next weeks. It is made of a simple hairband and foam.