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Spring Awakening with the jewellery of Thomas Sabo

Goodbye winter! We at sisterMAG joined forces with THOMAS SABO to get in the mood for spring with the most beautiful pieces of jewellery of Thomas Sabo from the new collection. You’ll find something for every occasion! For him, for her, for loved-up couples and for beloved mums … we assembled the special jewellery and put it in fitting settings. Take a look!

Spring Awakening with jewellery of Thomas Sabo


When the days finally get longer again, the first birds start to chirp, and new flowers bloom, we know that spring has arrived.

Jewellery manufacturer »THOMAS SABO« makes this time of year especially joyous. Following the theme of »Spring Awakening«, this sisterMAG issue presents the most beautiful pieces of jewellery of Thomas Sabo, which were shot as various flatlays. These we divided into several overarching themes: »Paradise Colours«, »My Little Secrets«, »I love you, Mum«, »Arizona Colours« and »You and Me«.

Special thanks go to our models – Eunice, Kira, Simone and Sam – and to Bertha, the pug, who lent us her paws to wake up from hibernation. Berlin’s best hand models can be found at Lina and her agency »Handmodel.Berlin« . And the best flowers for every occasion? As always,they come from Hürriyet Bulan, owner of »BOTANIC ART« .

BE INSPIRED by paradisiacal colours, unique shapes, and individual pieces of jewellery that couldn’t be more personal.

Paradise Colours



A journey to paradise! THOMAS SABO combines feminine pieces of jewellery with paradisiacal colours and delicate modern graphic designs. The shimmering, iridescent look of genuine mother-of-pearl is present on almost every piece of jewellery in the »Paradise Colours« range. Combined with hip mismatched details, they create a perfect expression of joie de vivre!

As a symbol of lightness, happiness and freedom, our paradise shoot emphasized the dragonfly.

The handmade pendants and necklaces are creative, boho-inspired, and playful, uniting paradisiacal colours. The mix of these colours, shapes, and cultural influences characterises the THOMAS SABO aesthetic.

My little Secrets


What could be nicer than to make yourself comfortable at home from time to time – with the company of man’s best friend.

Let your thoughts flow and share your little secrets with a little four-legged companion. The »Little Secrets« jewellery range from THOMAS SABO also embodies a feeling of stylish lightness.


The fine, hand-knotted textile bracelets are available in several shapes and colours and stand out with their individuality. Bracelet sizes can be easily adjusted with a slide fastener. The symbols and colours complement every outfit. Bertha the pug was especially enthusiastic about her charming image and didn’t want to leave our sisterMAG studio after the shoot!

I love you, Mum!


The person who shapes us the most and who, at least throughout the first years of our life on earth, probably has the greatest influence on us, is of course our mother. No matter what situation you find yourself in, mum always knows what to do and helps when things get tricky and you struggle to find a solution. She deserves a lot of admiration, which is especially true on Mother’s Day.

THOMAS SABO offers many different gift ideas for this occasion. Precious bracelets and rings in 925 sterling silver, 750 rose gold gilding or 750 yellow gold gilding make it possible to capture unforgettable moments and convey special messages with a unique engraving.

Whether numbers, symbols, or a special message, such a personal gift will please any mother. And best of all: the engraving at THOMAS SABO is free of charge. Surprise your mother with a personal gift – there is no limit to your creativity! This is a two-way street, of course. For the mothers among us still looking for a gift for your daughter, you will surely find a favourite among the beautiful pieces of jewellery.

Arizona Colours


Surely a dream of many men is to cross the Arizona desert by motorbike; to feel free, strong and independent. True to the motto, »Out of the everyday and into adventure!«

THOMAS SABO offers jewelery suitable for such ambitions, which radiates masculinity, style, and self-confidence, impressing with the highest standard of craftsmanship.

As a personal talisman, the eagle, a fixture of the Southwest American-inspired collection, catches one’s eye.

This powerful animal has a mystical meaning: the hand-made THOMAS SABO eagle ring, for example, is meant to pass on its freedom, attention, and vitality to the wearer. It provides concentration and the strength to bear the consequences of one’s actions. Which man would say no to such a gift?



The heart is the world’s most celebrated symbol of love, affection, and passion. Centuries ago, many cultures regarded it as the centre of emotion and vitality.

offers a wide range of jewellery for lovers who want to show their partner exactly such love and solidarity with a personal piece of jewellery. In addition, THOMAS SABO offers a free engraving service for couples who want to express their love in a uniquely individual way.


A declaration of love, our motto for life, the initials of loved ones, or the date of a very special occasion: Ideas for a personal engraving are as colourful as life itself. With the wide variety of engraving options that THOMAS SABO offers, including a breathtaking selection of symbols, we can let our imagination run wild. Whether bracelets, rings, or – as a special highlight – THOMAS SABO pendants, in just a few steps we can easily create an individual THOMAS SABO piece of jewellery.


from the THOMAS SABO online shop . You can tell whether a piece of jewellery can be engraved by the »GRAVUR« flag at the top left of the product image or on the product detail page. You can filter the customizable pieces in the left navigation bar, where you can also choose the engraving theme. Now it’s up to you – choose your favourite!


As soon as you have decided on a variant and size for your piece of jewellery, you can click on the button »ENGRAVE ARTICLE«. Now you have the opportunity to create your personal message. Whether your own words, one of the many suggestions, or a combination of the two, THOMAS SABO offers the perfect option for every desire.


If you need more inspiration, THOMAS SABO has just the thing for you with a second option: Under the »INSPIRATION« tab you can let yourself be inspired by a variety of sayings. Select an occasion, your language, and the font, and then choose one of the most beloved texts.

OUR SPECIAL TIP: If you switch to the »INDIVIDUAL« tab after selecting your favourite saying, you can add symbols or other texts – provided there are still enough characters available.


After you have placed your order in the shopping cart, do one final check of the details. If everything looks good, you can place your order and look forward to a very personal piece of jewellery that you will soon hold in your hands.

If you want to buy the jewellery of Thomas Sabo with engraving directly in a THOMAS SABO shop, you can find all locations in the SHOP FINDER .