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Folkloric Clothing – Book »Traditional Couture«

As a supplement to our article about the traditional blouse, we would like to present you the illustrated book »Traditional Couture« by fashion photographer Gregor Hohenberg, which was published in 2015 and takes a completely new look at traditional, folkloric clothing. Here a little insight in sisterMAG.

Folkloric Clothing

Viewed through the lens of fashion photographer Gregor Hohenberg – an exciting experiment that, in the book »Traditional Couture« , published 2015 by the publishing house gestalten, takes a completely new look at the traditional, folkloric clothing.

With his trained eye he manages to capture the wonderful details of these distinctive garments, the complicated tailoring, the wealth of details, the high level of craftsmanship and thus shows that traditional clothing is essentially haute couture – high quality fabrics and elaborate workmanship that are otherwise only found today in this highest form of fashion. The book also shows how important clothing is for preserving traditions and the sense of belonging in a region. At the same time, traditional couture continues to inspire fashion designers to come up with new designs. Past – present – future united.