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Wreath Feature

In our December issue we present you a big sisterMAG feature with different design ideas for festive and decorative wreaths. We show you a golden variation with glass plastic balls, a simple, natural one with pine cones and a bright, colorful variation with small gifts. For this issue, Hürriyet of Botanic Art has also made a charming rustic variation of a wreath with green branches, feathers and plants on a metal ring. If you have still no idea how to make your Christmas wreath for home you are definitely in the right case here! In this feature you will also find some impressions of the Seasonal Greetings Workshop with Simone Hawlisch and Anna Cor which took place in the sisterMAG office in November.

Introduction – Wreaths


In many corners of the world a (Christmas) wreath is an important part of the Christmas decoration. The first wreaths already existed  in Roman times, where they were hung on doors as a sign of victory. In Christianity, they also play an important role as Advent wreaths, symbolizing the infinite cycle of life. Today they are first and foremost a very popular form of Christmas decoration, which the sisterMAG team approached in a variety of ways.


sisterMAG Wreaths

Find all wreaths and descriptions in the issue.


Seasonal Greetings Workshop 2018 with Simone Hawlisch and Anna Cor


For the second time, Anna Cor and Simone Hawlisch held their Seasonal Greetings photography workshop in Berlin in mid-November. Together, various settings were used to shoot atmospheric lifestyle photos for the winter and Christmas season. At the same time, the participants received many tips and tricks on styling, photography, editing and Instagram. Let yourself be inspired by the wonderful photos.