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Table Decoration of the month January 2019 – inspired by Caillebotte & Paris

The table decoration of the month is perfect for a birthday or visiting friends.

In our series »Table of the Month« we show you on a regular basis new ideas for decorating tables and parties – inspired by the respective theme of the issue. In January 2019 we used our Caillebotte painting as starting point. It not only provides the colour palette of blue and turquoise tones, but also works well in the background of the table – what do you think?

Inspiration & Styling

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are over. After the festive season we are looking for a little more clarity and minimalism on our tables! Sparkly ornaments and golden details are being stored away for now.

In our series »Table of the Month«, we regularly show you ideas and inspiration for tables and parties – inspired by the topic of our current issue. For the start of 2019, we were inspired by the Caillebotte painting. Not only does it establish the blue and turquoise colour palette, but also makes for a beautiful background element – how do you like it?

Minimal Times: 15 Minute Table Set

An evening with friends can be a perfect reason to set a beautiful table – without spending hours decorating it. Our tip: Stick to one colour scheme when selecting or buying fabrics and dishes. That way, you can easily mix and match the individual elements.

An Eyecatcher: A few It-pieces can be all you need for a lovely table. Invest in a pretty caraffe or a unique wine cooler. Even if you then pick your »every day« dishes and silverware, you can achieve a sophisticated look and feel.

Twig instead of bouquet: Don’t get us wrong: we always love an exuberant bouquet! But when there is no time or money for that, a few twigs of eucalyptus or a single flower can be just as effective. Don’t forget to look around your own home or garden: even feathers or other unusual souvenirs can make a great impression.

Inspired by a Painting

We were inspired by our issue’s painting, but you can easily do it in your home as well: Do you have a prominent painting or poster in your living or dining area? Take it as inspiration for shapes and colours on your table!

Cheese, wine and a tasty soup – that can be all it takes for a great night with friends!