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  • From Shell to Ear – What Pearls are all about

    Pearls are balls of mother of pearl that grow in shells and, at some point, become part of a necklace, bracelet or earring. Only very few of them are totally natural - most of them are bred. But which kinds…

  • Easter traditions and customs

    For the extensive Easter feature in sisterMAG No. 47 we asked our friends, contributors and readers about their very personal Easter traditions and customs to share with you. The result is a collection of exciting and funny Easter traditions and…

  • The Grand Budapest Hotel – an introduction

    Wes Anderson‘s Oscar-winning movie fairy tale takes the audience to the candy-coloured phantasy world of the Grand Budapest Hotel. On four narrative levels, this »story in a story« offers a nostalgic gaze at the 20th century, bizarre incidents and charming…

  • Can anyone do that? – Learning to sing

    Music research suggests that anyone can learn to sing if they really wanted to. And we do not have to become "good" as long as we enjoy it ourselves.

  • Film history part 1

    Since all of this year’s issues are about films, we explain the steps of the development of film history. The first part is about the creation of moving images. Which inventors contributed to us being able to enjoy such a…

  • Following the (foot) steps of a traditional company

    The successful company ara has been existing for more than six decades – and still keeps up with the times as a traditional shoe brand. Modern zeitgeist is combined with solid craft – which results in shoes that bring their wearers…

  • Reaping the fruits

    How do we want to live? These three projects have found their very own approach on how to live in harmony with nature and reap the fruits of their own work.

    Category Food
  • Start the new year with Project H.A.P.P.Y. from Alpro

    At the beginning of a new year good intentions and ideas just pile up. A healthier diet is probably at the very top of everyone's list – just as ever year. With our partnerAlpro we found four different programs for…

    Category Decor