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Table of the Months: DIY ideas for a table decoration on the topic of “Mountain Life”

We have put together some DIY ideas for festive table decorations for Christmas or New Year’s Eve in our “Table of the month” section. We have taken inspiration from our “Mountain Life” issue theme and put together 4 beautiful ideas for you to make yourself:

1.) Embroidered napkins with little skiers
2.) Napkin rings made from paper flowers
3.) Invitation or greeting cards with mountain relief
4.) Origami boxes in mountain shape

Evenings with friends and family in the dark season of the year invite you to set the table and decorate it with lovely details. This is not only an aesthetic feast for the eyes, but also a precious gift – it not only emphasizes the culinary enjoyment, but also creates an atmosphere that makes the get-together an unforgettable experience. Each DIY that we show you on the following pages reflects this appreciation for the time spent together.


(1.) THE RIGHT COLORS: Choose a harmonious color palette that suits the occasion and the season.

(2) CREATE A CENTERPIECE: Choose a centerpiece for the table – whether a flower vase, candle arrangement or a decorative object. It forms the centerpiece of the table decoration.

(3) DETAILS: Pay attention to small details such as name cards, napkin rings or the napkins that give the table a personal touch – you will find lots of inspiration for this on the following pages.

(4) LIGHT: Playing with light effects – candles, fairy lights or table lamps – makes every decoration perfect and creates a cozy atmosphere. 

(5) FUNCTIONALITY: Even the most beautiful table decoration will get on your guests‘ nerves if it compromises functionality. All guests should have enough space for food and drinks and be able to look and talk across the table – the balance between aesthetics and practicality is crucial. 

Ski-Crafting Elegance: Embroidered napkins with little skiers


Unfold Slope Style with Skieriffic Napkin Designs! Embroidered napkins with little skiers.



– Printed template

– Embroidery thread

– Embroidery hoop

Finished cotton napkins or cotton fabric



1.) Download the template and print it out.

2.) Trace the lines with an ironing pen and then attach the napkins to the fabric in the embroidery hoop using an iron. Pull a little on all sides to ensure that the fabric is clamped, starting with the body and legs.

3.) These are embroidered with satin stitch. Embroider the bobble of the hat with a knot stitch.

4.) Embroider the skis with stem stitch using 2 threads and the ski poles with just 1 thread and finish the napkins using letter corners (instructions can be found in the download template).


„The mountains call, the snow answers, and freedom dances on the ski. “

Snow Blossoms: Napkin rings made from paper flowers


Unfolding Winter Whimsy with Paper Petals on Napkins! Super easy and even doable with kids.  The flower is made from many small rectangles.



Firm paper, cut into rectangles of sizes 3,5cmx3,5cm + 5 cm round circle for base

– Hot glue gun

– Velvet ribbon for binding



1.) First cut out a 5 cm circle as the base of the flower.

2.) Cut out approx. 38-40 rectangles in a diamond/rhombus shape. It is better not to use squares, but the shape on this page or in the template. To make the paper easier to work with, pull the paper over a folding bone or ruler, then glue the small bags together and glue them together at points A.

3.) Now place the bags in a circle on the base to check the positioning. They should be evenly distributed. Glue on the first row. To do this, press the flowers together slightly at the bottom.

4.) Now glue the next bags into the spaces between the first row. Continue in this way until you have reached the middle.


Flower napkin rings (PDF, 581 KB)

„Flowers in the snow, a silent poem of nature that continues the poetry of life in winter. “

Peak your interest: Invitation or greeting cards with mountain relief


Paper Mountains as Invitations – Summit Special Moments! The most beautiful invitation card or greetings for dear friends on our mountainous cards with matching envelopes.


Materials Cards: 

3 A4 sheet

– Printed template

– Glue

– Scissors


Materials Envelopes: 

1 A4 sheet with a pattern

– 1 A4 sheet plain

– Scissors

– Glue

– Folding leg



1.) Print the template for the mountains on the 3 A4 sheets and cut along the contour, glue the 3 mountain reliefs together with glue (templates are numbered).

2.) For the cover, print the 2 templates on the desired paper and cut them out.

3.) Mark and crease the edges with the folding bone. Glue the templates together at the marked points and glue the envelope. Done!


Cards with mountain relief (PDF, 739 KB)

Origami Peaks: Origami boxes in mountain shape


Unfold Your Creativity with Mini Mountain Boxes – Where Folds Reach New Heights! The mountains can become name cards or contain a little surprise in the form of a sweet – the fortune cookie for the Christmas or New Year‘s Eve table!



– 19 x 19 cm colored paper

– A4 white paper



Fold the 19x19cm paper into a small mountain according to the folding instructions in this video. Print out and cut out the template from sisterMAG for the snow and place or glue it on the top of the mountain. Done!


Origami boxes in mountain shape (PDF, 641 KB)

„The silence of the mountain peaks in the snow – a poem written by nature. “