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Gift Ideas for DIY Lovers: DIY Sets for Appliqué, Punchneedling and Lino Printing

Are you also as enthusiastic as we are about the handicraft and craft techniques that we introduce to you in the sisterMAG issues? Then the DIY sets that our team has put together for 3 of the techniques are just the thing! In each set you will find the links for the most important accessories for appliqué, punchneedling and lino printing.

Gift ideas for DIY lovers: DIY sets for appliqué, punchneedling and lino printing


Are you still looking for a great gift idea for DIY enthusiasts? Or would you like to learn a new craft technique? Then we’ve got you covered! Inspired by three of the craft techniques presented in the last sisterMAG issues, we have put together 3 starter sets for appliqué, punchneedling and lino printing. You’ll find the order links for each lovingly compiled set so that you can order everything quickly and easily.


1.) Appliqué / Patchwork


Appliqué is the focus topic of the current issue of sisterMAG after we already looked at the associated technique of patchworking in sisterMAG No. 66. Find out all about the history, the best books for patchworking and appliqué and lots of great DIY projects in the two issues.


DIY Set “Appliqué / Patchwork”

– Fixing spray

– Double-sided iron-on tape

– Pencil

– Needles

– Pins

– Hand shears

– Fabric scissors & yarn scissors

– Fabrics

– Folding knife

– Household scissors


2.) Punchneedling


Our second craft technique even made it onto the cover of issue 61: punchneedling. If you fancy making the most beautiful patterns from thousands of threads, you’ll find how-tos and lots of interesting projects in the issue.


DIY Set “Punchneedling”

– Monk material

– Embroidery hoop

– Punch needle

– Wool

– Needles

– Household scissors


3.) Lino printing


In sisterMAG No. 63, everything revolved around the topic of “rubber”. Of course, the creative technique “lino printing”, where you can transfer any motif onto a rubber stamp and decorate paper or fabric with it, was also included.


DIY Set “Lino printing”

– Lino printing inks

– Linoleum panels

– Rubber roller for lino printing

– Linoleum knife set, 7 pcs.

– Clear acrylic painting panel


We have put together the links for all 3 DIY sets in a shopping list that you can download here.



Download Shopping List (PDF, 615 KB)

And finally, a great surprise: we’re gifting the 3 sets!


Our DIY set giveaway provides you with the chance to win a lovingly put together set for appliqué, punch needle or lino printing. Whether you’re just starting to discover how creative you can be or you’re already an experienced artist, our kits are suitable for everyone. Just follow us on Instagram @sister_mag. We will post the terms and conditions of the competition there starting now.