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Table of the Months: Table decoration in blue, red and white striped

For our column “Table of the Month” we went full-on stripes mode. With maritime vibes, stripes and a good mix of red, white and blue, the feeling of sea and summer is brought directly to the table. Just the thing for your next summer invitation!

Stripes, the sea and everything that revolves around the art of living, enjoying the relaxed get-togethers by the shore and feeling the salty air blow into one‘s hair, is the inspiration behind this issue‘s „Table of the Month“. Blue, red, and white in all their hues are the foundation colors that, along with the vertical and horizontal stripes, bring the feeling of the sea and summer ambiance right to the table. Together with the cutlery in shapes inspired by the sea, one can easily pretend to enjoy a nice supper at the Hamptons. 

Stripes in abundance with our DIY Vase design


What is the most important aspect of the here presented décor? Stripes, stripes, and more stripes. The overload is actively and creatively brought to the table with the help of our own DIY vase design. Quite easy and fun to make yourself, it is suitable for all shapes and forms of vases. By choosing horizontal or vertical stripes, one can effectively bring the marine spirit to their next gathering.



– Template

– Acrylic paint

– Wide brush (e.g. 8 cm)

– Thick paper

– Hot glue gun or sewing machine



1.) Print out the template.

2.) Paint the paper with the desired color and draw stripes.

3.) Let it dry. Draw the the template on the painted paper and cut it out twice for the back and front of the vase. 

4.) Fold the 2 sides together and fix the edges either with glue or with a long straight stitch of your sewing machine. 


Template "Striped paper vase" (PDF, 572 KB)