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Fashion Feature: “Shades of Chocolate” Collection

In our sisterMAG issue 66, the focus is on the chocolate and all its shades. Inspired by it, we created the “Shades of Chocolate” sewing patterns collection which is versatile and timeless as all our creations. See here the whole fashion feature. All sewing patterns can be found in our shop at


Fashion Feature: sisterMAG Patterns “Shades of Chocolate”

Apparently, there are over 700 kinds of beans – white, yellow and green, every variety, but truly I only like one: the cognac bean. They’re all annual plants, which would be enough for me, but where can one find the seeds of the cognac bean to plant it …

16-4 Cropped blouse with shawl collar and cuffs & 50-1 jersey skirt

Chocolate with nuts should rather be called ‘chocolate refined with nuts’, since it’s not the chocolate that contains the healthy, unsaturated fatty acids, but the nut itself. And they’re what keeps our brains going.

A cropped, belly-revealing blouse was missing in our collection and so we took the one we made for sisterMAG No. 16 and revamped it a little. Combined with the jersey skirt 50-1 in a thick, roughened jersey with shoulder pads and patch pockets, this is an ensemble for stylish looks on colder days.


57-4 Oversized jumpsuit with lapel collar & 4-3 boule-coat with embroidery and piping

Truffles – A collection of truffles could almost be compared to us humans. They come in every shape. Pure chocolate, filled with nuts, styled with aromatics, naked or wrapped in silver paper, brown, white, with nougat or brittle – they’re all enchanting but beware of the dreaded empty ones!

Don’t we all love a good jumpsuit? This one is particularly comfortable. An exciting lapel collar decorates the neckline and the front features a row of 3 buttons. Worn with a belt around the waist, this is an eye-catching piece. We chose a boule-coat to wear over the top. The pattern comes with different options for beautiful embroideries so everyone can decorate it to their heart’s content.


66-4 Camping shirt in 2 varieties & 41-3 Paperbag trousers

The so-called Herrenschokolade mit Sahne (literally translated: men’s chocolate with cream) also goes by the name of „mild dark chocolate“, as if a female hand strokes across the rough beard of a sailor.

The classic button-down shirt is a staple in every closet, including different collar shapes. Oversized shoulders and an unusual collar feature on our new camping shirt. The long-sleeved version goes well with the elegant 41-3 Paperbag trousers, completing our ‘Herrenschokolade mit Sahne’ outfit.


66-1 Mini skirt with pleats and 4 pockets

Dark milk chocolate, that means 70%, 50%, 30% cocoa solids, with lots, medium and little magnesium – lots of energy for the heart or sadly rather little! But our little skirt will certainly give you a lot of energy:

A classic pattern for an elegant and modern outfit. This beautiful skirt is short and has an elegant shape thanks to its pleats. And it has lots of pockets because we simply love those!


32-4 Fluffy patchwork jacket & 66-4 Campaign blouse in 2 variants & 50-6 Slim stirrup trousers with elastic foot loops 

After Eight – works for every amorous tête-a-tête: its masculine, high cocoa content is smoothed out by a soft, feminine sugar mass decorated by the typical peppermint flavour – pure seduction – small – flat – square – delicious!

Our patchwork jacket without patchwork but made from fluffy faux fur. We combined it with the slim, comfortable tapered trousers with elastics for the feet that prevent it from slipping up the leg. They’re a high-quality leggings substitute! This outfit is made for cosy winter hours spent together.


66-3 Slightly flared skirt with decorative flaps & 66-4 Camping blouse in 2 Variants 

Mocca beans – the sibling of the cognac bean. Both are explosions of flavour hidden under innocent chocolate covers. What a glorious idea, firstly for the day, the bigger and more dangerous variety for late hours. Who could resist?

This beautiful A-line ladies’ skirt is shown with our camping shirt, this time without sleeves. The skirt is finished by two buttons and a wide waistband, the flaps adding a certain je ne sais quoi. Play with fabrics and lengths, this skirt can be worn in many ways.


66-5 Off-the -shoulder Carmen blouse

Thanks to Maria Grazia Chiuri, we’re seeing a revival of the off-shoulder blouse in women’s fashion – romantic versions with ruffles and not a hint of hippie vibe. Off- the-shoulder is in and the shoulder is shown in the right light, no matter whether it’s summer or winter. Elegant versions made from silk and taffeta are made for parties, fine cottons or linens for casual days or the office. This blouse can be worn with all trousers, jeans and skirts.

23-6 Costume jacket in 2 variants & 65-4 Wide shorts with cut waistband 

Chocolate from Modica – made with a Spanish recipe – the cocoa beans aren’t roasted but ground, spiked with aromatics instead of conched. You may wonder about the grainy texture. Something special from Sicily, Italy!

Everyone who has been sewing for a long time will have a pattern for a blazer in their archive that may not be very modern but just fits. This particular suit jacket with embroidered pockets just came at the perfect time for sisterMAG 23. The long blazer is still chic and an updated short version with mixed patterns and a few adaptations makes it fashionable. The wide shorts in a matching fabric make for a stunning two-piece suit that will be your favourite new outfit.


37-2 A-line dress with bow in the back 

Chocolate and vanilla – this one can be expensive! Making chocolate is already a complicated process – roasting – grinding – conching, and hand-raising the proud orchid that produces „Vanilla“, the queen of spices, is just the same.

Who still remembers our 37-2 A-line dress with a bow? We re-made one of your favourites into a fall-and-winter appropriate version. Long sleeves and thick fabric make this piece last long. It’s not necessary to put this piece away after summer.


16-6 Sleeveless dress with pleated skirt and leather details 

Pistachio chocolate – those of you who would like their brown gold to be even more aromatic and sweet, who are looking for a touch of almond and marzipan in their chocolate, will love pistachio chocolate, often presented in a green outfit because only green pistachios are good.

This elegant dress features a sleeveless top with collar, stitching and leather details. The pleated skirt has a playful edge and perfectly matches the straight lines of the top. A long zipper in the back makes for easy dressing. The leather shoulder flaps give off a modern military vibe.