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Tutorial for 65-3 Short Crochet Sweater in Small Shell Stitch

You don’t always have to crochet potholders! With our simple crochet pattern for the small shell stitch from an old Schachenmayr book, you can quickly make a cool and modern sweater yourself. The project is also suitable for crochet for beginners, because our video tutorial shows the pattern in detail.

You can see the sweater 65-3 not only on the cover of sisterMAG N°65, but it is also part of our fashion collection “Colors in the City”. Here you can also see the difference between thinner yarns (green sweater, crochet hook N°4) and thicker yarns (yellow sweater (crochet hook N°7).

For the yellow sweater we used the following yarn: LANG yarn Tierra.

The crochet pattern is available for sizes 34-50. You can find our size chart here.

Download (ZIP, 17 MB)

Crochet Pattern for small shell stitch (US terms)

To make gauge swatch, chain to 10cm.
Row 1: 2 dc in 4th chain from hook, skip 2 chains, then 1 slip stitch (Slst), 2 chains (ch) and 2 double crochet (DC) in the same loop. Skip 2 hooks, in the 3rd hook 1 Slst, 2 ch + 2 DC in the same hook, continue like this.
End with one slip stitch and 4 chains, turn. Now you use the 2 chains of the row before to add 1 Slst, 2 ch + 2 DC in the same place. Continue like this.
Leave your swatch unblocked and measure how many rows fit into 10cm, at 2-3 different spots on your swatch. You can use these numbers to calculate how many chain stitches you need for the pattern and ~how much yarn you’ll need for the sweater.

We have video tutorial for you:

How to make the sweater

First crochet the front part according to the pattern. Then crochet the back piece according to the pattern. 

Crochet the front and back pieces together at the shoulder line – join the pieces with a chain stitch. The thread when joining the parts must always go inside.

This video shows how to join crochet pieces:

According to the pattern, pick up both left and right stitches for sleeves and crochet sleeves in shell stitch on front and back pieces. 

Crochet side seams of front, back and sleeves together with chain stitches.