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Fashion Feature “Colors in the City” – Sewing Patterns

In sisterMAG No. 65 issue we travel to Dresden with our new sewing patterns. Together with our model Sofia Alina, photographer Sebastian Jauregui and videographer Francisco Jauregui we made wonderful pictures. See the whole fashion feature and find all patterns in our shop!

Fashion Feature

sisterMAG Patterns Colors in the City

Sewing Pattern: 65-1 Pleated trousers with two pockets – Entry-level model

The pleated pair of pants; it is one of the favorite pieces in our wardrobe. Looking for a cut that is chic and feasible for all sewing levels? We found it at a beautiful Spring Couture fashion show. This pair of pants is not too wide, but not too tight, comfortable and chic – just how it should be. This pattern can be sewn from a wide variety of fabrics and colors, so you can sew a pair of trousers for every occasion and in every hue.

Crochet Pattern: 65-3 Short crochet sweater in small shell stitch

Catering to our new-found love for Crocheting, this is a real showstopper using a technique called „small shell stitches“. As the written instruction for this stitch is not that self-explanatory, we‘ve also prepared a little video! 

Sewing Pattern: 65-4 Wide shorts with cut waistband – Entry-level model

A lovely pair of summer shorts with the waistband already integrated in the pattern. The silhouette is wide with a fitted waist.

Crochet Pattern: 65-5 Crochet sweater “Granny Square”

The „Granny Square“ has celebrated an unprecedented revival in the crochet community. It is produced by working in rounds from the center outward. They resemble coarse lace. We took the Granny Square and changed it in order to create a new look. Instead of using multiple small squares, we have made the sweater out of one giant one. Best thing: the color choice is up to you! 

Sewing Pattern: 65-7 Swinging Six Panel skirt

A six-panel skirt, ankle-length and flowy. Its construction gives it a heavy, elegant drape. What‘s so special about this model? Again, we‘ve combined the waistband into the sewing pattern, which makes it not only easy to sew, but also comfortable to wear.

Sewing Pattern: 65-8 Blouse with dropped shoulder and bellows pockets

A fashionable piece in ever closet that serves as a mixture between blouse and blazer and can serve as an elegant business staple or casually worn with jeans for any outing. The bellows pockets are added on pockets in a  distinctive and voluminous style with decorative triangle-shaped seams at the top. The blouse gets it shape from dropped shoulders and a very low sleeve line. 

Sewing Pattern: 65-10 Wide blouse with big collar and pockets

This detailed wide and long-sleeved blouse is more suitable for advanced sewers. Most striking is the big sailor collar, a deep-cut square which falls down the back, tapering in a V-neck to a point at the front. Furthermore, the blouse features patch pockets and classic sleeve slits. 

Sewing Pattern: 65-11 Irregular plate skirt with plug belt

Circular skirts are incredibly popular for a reason! Many designers try to transforming a classic circular skirt into a contemporary and chic version. We designed one that is easy to sew and can be customized to fit the fabric you have. Plus, it can „grow with you.“ The skirt can be longer, and you can also cut and insert the front and back side parts as often as you like. Thus you get an incredibly wide skirt, which you can’t achieve with a usual circular skirt cut. We have closed the waistband with a pin buckle, incorporating a modern feature from streetwear fashion.

Sewing Pattern: 65-12 Viscose or tencel swing dress with feather trim

The new favorite fabric of the sewing community: „Tencel“ or Modal – similar to viscose made from the bevel Lynocell. The raw material origin of the fiber is wood (mostly eucalyptus). Due to the closed cycle, the production of the fabric is particularly environmentally friendly. This is also the biggest difference to viscose, for the production of which new, sometimes environmentally harmful, chemicals are used again and again. Due to the special properties of the easy-flowing fabric, we have developed a cut for an airy dress, which brings out the light fall of the fabric particularly well.

Sewing Pattern: 65-13 Jacket double breasted and waisted

The crowning glory of our collection is this fitted, double-breasted button-up blazer with contrast color details. An advanced masterpiece with flap pockets, a fold-in welt pocket and a large lapel collar. With this cut, we dare to look ahead to the upcoming cooler season. We‘ve been familiar with the extremely wide shoulders on jackets and coats for quite a while, what‘s new is the waist of the blazer. This changes the silhouette, away from the oversized, to the figure-hugging! So we have to sew again ourselves and can not simply help ourselves in the closet of the man ;).