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Fashion Feature: sisterMAG Patterns Black & White Collection

In the anniversary issue sisterMAG No. 64 we prepared a black & white collection with many new patterns. Team members and project managers Marie and Svala were in front of the camera as models for us. See the whole fashion feature here and find all patterns in our store!

Fashion Feature

sisterMAG Patterns Black & White Collection

What lasts long … in this anniversary edition we have prepared a collection with especially many new, innovative patterns. Project managers Marie and Svala stood in front of the camera as models for us, skillfully setting the scene for EVI NEUBAUER‘S fashion in black and white. The new patterns of number 64 are joined by some „old“ favorites reinterpreted. Have fun sewing them!

64-1 Short, unlined Moleskin-Jacket

64-2 Wide-fitting trousers with wrap-around tie band

64-3 Wide-fitting trousers with wrap-around tie band

64-4 Very wide Blouse with yoke

64-7 Double-breasted Mini dress

64-8 Patent leather coat with cut sleeves and press stud placket

64-9 Short Ballon dress with drawstring

64-11 Short smock with back  closure and feathers

64-12 Short, straight, sleeveless Dress with stand-up collar

Louis Vuitton‘s collection has shown the way: oversized is shortened, creating a whole new silhouette. Our 64-1 Oversized double-breasted coat is made of coarse fabric with stand (e.g. moleskin). Special features: a flap pocket on the chest and a beautiful stiff collar. Marie wears it with 61-3 Oversized Business Pants with welt pockets.

Belongs in every closet: a wrap top that flatters the wearer  and fits according to the individual shape of the day: 41-2 Wrap jacket with neckline. We have designed a very wide, tightened trousers to complete this outfit: 64-2 Wide-fitting trousers with wrap-around tie band.

Earrings:  Geometric Earrings from beretkah via ETSY

White blouses always go and are almost the work uniform of the founding sisters. But with white blouses, more than with any other garment, it‘s the details that matter! This version is a particularly beautiful specimen, with the front part laid in folds, a lapel collar, without sleeves and noble buttons. Whether worn with wide business pants or skirts, this blouse shines on any occasion!

We have sewn this blouse without underwire to achieve the special airy look. Of course, the collar and fitted trim can be reinforced with interfacing.

Inspired by oversized silhouettes currently seen on Instagram and the runways, this 64-4 very wide yoke blouse comes along. It is made with almost no seams. It has no collar and a button placket on the front. The sleeves are gathered at the wrist with an elastic band to create a balloon effect.

A pattern from our archive interpreted in Chanel-like manner. The perfect all-rounder for special events and also usable in colder temperatures due to the long sleeves. The cut is also well suited for sewing beginners.

Details make this dress special. In issue 32 we decorated it with feathers on the edge, here sequins and beads decorate sleeves and top pockets. The brooch is also handmade. The instructions for it will come in one of the next issues.

32-2 Mini-dress with long sleeves

Earrings: Harmonia Earrings in Yellow from Swarowski

64-7 Double-breasted mini dress with faux fur trim: A pattern that really shows off the fabric choice. Fabrics with a bit of stand that don‘t fall too easily are best here to keep the shape of the dress.

Double-breasted closed and decorated with faux fur stripes on the armholes, it is super comfortable.

This outfit shows how versatile our patterns really are. Two archive cuts from issues 23 and 41 are made here from the same black fabric with a bit of stretch to become the new ensemble: The 23-3 Straight Costume Jacket is made unique by a back strap (see next page) and the decorative stitching with white embroidery thread sets off the flap pockets. It falls loosely and admittedly rather something for experienced sewers. Combined with the 41-7 Business trousers with pockets. The narrow trousers were provided here at pockets and at the hem with decorative stitching. On the front there is an 18 cm zipper, a hook with eye for closure and two side pockets of the pants.

You are looking for a fabric in your own „warehouse“, suddenly a scrap of fabric falls into your hands, which you have not thought about for a long time. Actually, too little for any garment – too good to throw away. We have made a cut that can be worked from a single fabric or just put together from different ones. The cut is based on the mini dresses of the 60s. You can cut it apart in many places and adapt to the fabric scraps: 64-12 Short, straight, sleeveless dress with  stand-up collar. We are looking forward to many dresses!

This patent coat also graces our cover of the issue: Cut sleeves and a wide fit give it the interesting silhouette. It becomes a real keep-piece with unusual details like the placket with metallic snap buttons: 64-8 patent coat with snap button placket.

The stand-up collar is closed by an eyelet at the back. The back closes with an invisible zipper about 30 cm long.

A DIY it-piece is our Padded Headband: a simple hairband is pasted with foam, covered with fabric and glued with glittering stones.

Soft shell – a fabric that has made it too much fame for outdoor wear and durable children‘s clothing. But in recent years, many designers have also discovered it. We followed in their footsteps and made a simple cut: 64-9 short balloon dress with a drawstring. This cut can be made into a work of art in many ways: punch needling with thin wool is the first option. The rose motif is part of the pattern.

Two tricks we would like to share with you. Since you can not iron the seams apart, we have sewn the seam allowances inside each side invisibly by hand, virtually like a hem. The seams do not fall together, and the silhouette gets the right shape. We have made very good experiences with leather needles for sewing, because they do not leave any holes when correcting a seam.


Earrings: Chroma Stud earrings in Pink from Swarovski

Designer Evi‘s favorite piece from this collection. Affectionately called „smock“, you can‘t tell from the front of this top what it hides at the back: it gapes open with every movement, as it is only held closed by a single snap. Easy to make, it is well suited for sewing beginners. It is ideally made from a thicker fabric. The feathers on the back and sleeves are a playful add-on for a unique look, as currently seen everywhere on catwalks: 64-11 short smock top with back closure and feathers.

Pair it with: Jogging pants 57-3

Ideal for cozy time at home, but also the short way to the supermarket. Cool combined like here, it looks casual and elegant at the same time.