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10 Years sisterMAG: »Table of the Month«

For the 10th anniversary of sistserMAG, no »Table of the Month« should be missing! This time, the theme is »black and white« and »checkerboard«. Find all the impressions and product information here!

10 Years sisterMAG

Table of the Month« Jubilee


A special occasion made the sisterMAG team come together for issue 64 and put together this table decoration. 10 years ago on February 24, 2012, our first issue was released, and we celebrate this with this black and white DIY table. From tablecloths to napkin decorations, it‘s all DIY here, with some keepsakes like grandma‘s napkins and crystal glasses. Have fun decorating.

Toni and Thea founded sisterMAG together with Alex 10 years ago.


Toni: 59-5 Oversized Blazer with welt pockets

Thea: 32-3 Mini dress with long sleeves


Hardly anything shapes the look of a set meal as much as the tablecloth. Therefore, here comes our „tablecloth of the month“ – stamped in a checkerboard pattern. What are the stamps made of? From simple household sponges! The tutorial can be found here incl. Video.

Our theme of checkerboard continues in the NAPKIN DECORATION. Old damask napkins in beige with yellow pattern and monogram are tied together with three cubes and thin wire (or ribbon). A very simple decoration that can be easily made in the colors of the decoration. For instructions with template, go this way.

Plates: Kristina Dam Setomono Teller – Thank you to Herz&Blut

Forks: Vintage

Happy Birthday, sisterMAG! A little musical greeting decorates our chairs, and the notes can be easily made out of paper. Template and instructions are here.


It wouldn‘t be a sisterMAG feature without the flowers from our longtime floral designer and friend Hürriyet Bulan. The beautiful arrangements of anemones, spring branches, vetches and peonies adorn the table and background.

For those who would love to have such floral works of art at home, Hürriyet‘s photo prints that she sells in her store are recommended because they last forever and combine her and our love for photography and florals:

Our background, this time born from the stock of photo equipment. But what we have built here with large rolls of background paper (you can buy, for example, at Calumet ), of course, also goes in smaller format at home. Simply glue rolls of paper in different shades on top of each other. This works best on a wall or a paper background.


What is the story behind CakesBerlin? How was CakesBerlin founded?

Long story short, I moved to Berlin after graduating from art academy in Israel. They were the most diverse studies I could wish for; painting, sculpting, lot´s of mixed media like fashion and photography… I didn´t know that would be the solid foundation of what later became to be CakesBerlin.

I moved to Berlin and end up doing props and stage design for theater and spaces. It might sound odd but from there the way to edible props and cake-art was short. :)

Berlin is such a creative playground and a perfect place to experiment. It helped me a lot to turn from playing with cakes as a hobby/ side-job to running the big thing it is today.

What is the special feature of what you offer?

We specialize in bold, playful custom cakes and enjoy trying new techniques and playing around with colours and materials.

That’s actually my favourite part about CakesBerlin! Our clients often have a general idea about what cake they´re looking for but are open for us to suggest ideas and surprise them, this is how the best ideas bloom. It surprises me every time how much trust is given to our work; it´s pretty amazing.

Which flavours always go with a cake? And which are the customers’ favourites?

We have about 10 flavours, so everyone can find a match. Our recent best-seller is our super fluffy chocolate-based cake, layered with fresh vanilla cream and red berry sauce. My personal favourite is chocolate and peanut butter. But I dare you to try and find out for yourself?

How does the ordering process at CakesBerlin usually work? How much time should customers allow when they want to order a cake?

It really depends! We have a quick purchase option on our website for same-week orders. On the other hand, wedding cakes are complex and the one-on-one design process with the couple can take time — these should be placed at least a couple of months in advance (four to eight months is the standard). Once an inquiry is placed we get together to brainstorm and again after exchanging several ideas and designs. Later, once we have found THE ONE, an offer is sent to the client, and then it´s me and my team´s magic time of planning, baking, decorating and delivering the cake to the party!

There seem to be no limits to the creations of CakesBerlin. What types of decorations can you choose from when designing a cake?

We work with everything as long as it´s not dangerous to put it on a cake. Fresh flowers, disco balls, toy figurines, gummy bears. We use different icing techniques and textures, you name it, also — all colours work. If you like natural tones and a soft elegant floral arrangement on the top? Or black on black with a giant disco ball headpiece? The creative part (and sometimes challenging) is finding a way to make it look amazing in the end.

Which cake has remained a special memory for you? Which design has been particularly fun lately?

Oh wow! That’s a hard one to choose! Recently, on Valentine’s Day, we invited our customers to send to their loved ones a funky message on a cake. We couldn’t have predicted how awesome people can get when they are given the stage for it! We had several really naughty ones (like: “Be naked when I get home”, and a few that were a little more extreme, along with a broken-hearted tiny letter and one who asked her current partner to move in with her! Pretty awesome people, we really love our community <3

Does CakesBerlin have a shop in town?

We moved recently to a new location in Kreuzberg. It´s a production kitchen and a studio where we meet our clients for consultations and creative projects. Since we´re not a cafe and all cakes are made to order, visits are by appointment only, but a joyful design is in the making, so we hope to make it an inspiring space to work and meet in!