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Books & Ressources about Flowers

Of course, in our flower issue sisterMAG No. 62 should not be missing interesting books and resources on the subject of »flowers«. The list is endless, but find our selection here. Have fun!

Bücher & Ressourcen zum Thema »Blumen«

The field of books, publications and accounts dealing with flowers, floral art or making flowers from all kinds of materials is virtually endless! That’s why we don’t claim completeness but want to present you some of our latest and favourite findings we came across while working on this issue. They go right across the DIY section – from baking books to embroidery publications and back to making flowers out of paper. Have fun!

Materials & Ressources

»The exquisite Book of Paper Flowers« by Livia Cetti

Livia Cetti („The Green Vase“) is not only one of the best paper flower artists worldwide, she also published two wonderful books on the art of paper flower making. In addition she offers DIY flower kits on her website. Tip: Check out her website. The photos of her work are pure inspiration!

»Crepe Paper Flowers« by Lia Griffith

A great book, also for beginners who want to learn how to make flowers with crepe paper. If you own a Cricut, you can even download templates. By the way: The website of Lia Griffith is also recommendable with many tutorials & inspirations.

Books & Paper Flowers

»Paper to Petal« by Rebecca This & Patrick Farrell

A feast for the eyes: 75 paper flower projects, e.g. a Christmas wreath, ideas for children’s birthdays, table decorations, bouquets and many more. The instructions are easy to follow and understand.

»The Fine Art of Paper Flowers« by Tiffanie Turner

A rather upscale arts and crafts handbook with step-by-step instructions by the artist Tiffanie Turner – from bougainvillea to English roses to zinnias. It shows how to make her famous peony and gives tips & tricks on handling the paper, amongst others.

Cakes & Tartes

»Cakes in Bloom« by Peggy Porschen

We are sure: You already saw the flagship store of Peggy Porschen on Instagram. It’s one of the most photographed locations in London – and rightly so. In her book, she shows how to recreate the beautiful sugary flowers of her caf  and boutique (wedding) cake creations.

»Modern Sugar Flowers« by Jacqueline Butler

The internationally renowned pastry chef Jacqueline Butler shows in her book 18 stylised »gumpaste« flowers in different flowering stages as well as buds & leaves. Inspiring and practical with step-by-step instructions in over 600 pictures!

»Blooms & Baking« by Amy Ho 

Amy Ho from the blog Constellation Inspiration shows that flowers can not only be used for visual garnishing but also add an incredible depth of taste to cakes and cookies.

»Roses in silk and organza ribbon« by Di van Niekerk’s 

Have you ever tried embroidery using silk ribbons? You can use it to create wonderful images and especially flowers. In this book, it’s all about roses some of which are as elaborate and beautiful as the real ones in nature!

Textile & Fabric

Embroidery with silk ribbons has a long tradition and therefore you especially find older publications in antiquarian bookshops. But don’t let that deter you: Even today, these flower creations don’t look as old-fashioned on dresses and blouses as in the books below ;). One of our favourite projects of sisterMAG is the blue dress with ruffled skirt in issue 18.

»Felt Flower Workshop« by Bryanne Rajamannar 

Flowers made of felt that look as if they had just been freshly picked. This book is suitable for absolute beginners and contains flowers and plants – also for the interior at home.

Embroidery books by Kazuko Aoki

Japanese Kazuko Aoki has the unique talent to translate the nature of her garden into needle & threat. Her publications show wildflowers, garden scenes and little sceneries of nature. In this issue, we used her »embroidered garden flowers« to individualize our store-bought blouse.

Embroidery books and projects by Yumiko Higuchi

Yumiko Higuchi is another Japanese needlecraft artist with wonderful projects and books, e.g. on the topic of zakka embroidery or appliqu . We are particularly fond of her little purses and wallets – they are on our to-embroider list ;)


Moody Green Shop on

If you don’t feel like embroidering yourselves: MoodyGreen from Latvia offers beautiful totes with floral motifs on Etsy. There are also PDF patterns for modern botanical motifs.

Wildflower Kit by floralsandfloss on

DIY kit for a wildflower motif including yarn, template, fabric & everything that goes with it – a wonderful project for beginners who don’t have an embroidery equipment at home.

Tessa Perlow

Tessa Perlow shows on her account embroideries on upcycled fabrics. Partly rather psychedelic patterns, flowers, and crazy creations.

Lama Design Stickerei by FDBC on

If you are looking for unusual embroidery designs, you will love Ludivine Saly‘s Etsy shop. She offers ancient and revisited embroidery designs like monograms for all letters of the alphabet.

Evi’s “Stickmuster”-Board on Pinterest

A collection of embroidery patterns of sisterMAG mama and designer Evi – a colourful mixture of cross stitch, satin stitch, or old patterns