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VODAFONE – #ConnectedSheCan

Together with our partner Vodafone we would like to introduce you under the motto #ConnectedSheCan to some strong powerful women. All of them built their careers through and with technology – a community of women who support each other and work together. In sisterMAG 50, we tell the story of three women, show their personalities, careers and visions. What brought them on their path and what does »empowerment through technology« mean to them? Here are the answers to read.



#ConnectedSheCan – under this motto, we and our partner Vodafone present you inspiring power women who built up their careers with the help of technology.

#ConnectedSheCan – this is also a community of women who pull their strength and success from supporting each other, networking and working together. They are women who have a decisive influence on the changing digital society, on inclusion or the protection of our environment! In short video portraits, we ask six women questions about their personalities, careers and visions. They share with us tips that helped them with their careers or made them stronger after a defeat. It always plays a big role what »empowerment by technology« means specifically means to them. 5G technology enables a Paralympic skier to go downhill alone and without her guide. An investor can significantly help shaping the German technology landscape with investments. And thanks to technology, a young mother manages the balance act between child and career. Who are these women and how did they achieve all this? We show you on the next pages!

Noemi Ristau

At 12 years old, Noemi Ristau got diagnosed with Morbus Stargadt – a disease that made her almost completely blind by the time she was 18. Her former passion, skiing, seemed to be a thing of the past. But thanks to innovative technology, this is not the case anymore: Noemi is the first blind German skier who started at the Paralympics. Her guide Paula guides her via headset and Noemi skies behind her, following her instructions.

Speed Stunt

Noemi’s ambition and her goal to live like a fully able-bodied person are now taking her even further. Together with Vodafone and video transfer via 5G network, she was the first blind skier ever who went down a slope alone – without a guide.

Noemis Speed Stunt

»Only after I made it, I realised that I actually went down the hill by myself.«

To get to know Noemi better, we asked her 7 questions about completely different areas of life. Find out what skiing means to her, which challenges face her every day because of her illness and how technology helps her:

»For me, #ConnectedSheCan. is a way for women to fulfil their dreams together by supporting each other. Thanks to the connection to my guide, I can ski independently again. It’s a connection that leads to more freedom and lets us reach our goals together.«

Daria Saharova

DARIA SAHAROVA moved from Riga to Munich when she was 18 years old. It was a fresh start she experienced as a crucial turning point in her life. Today, she doesn’t only feel connected to her new home in Germany but also built the foundation of her career while studying innovation and technology management.

Daria has always been interested in start-ups: .Entrepreneurs inspire me., she says. »They’re driven, sometimes a little crazy in a good way and they know their customers and markets like no one else.« As venture capitalist, she now works with entrepreneurs in tech start-ups every day by investing the venture capital of companies in their ideas and technologies.

»My goal: Improving the infrastructure and offers of a city with digital technologies, but also make them more sustainable. This also applies to mobility as well as to industries like real estate, construction and power supply«

As a partner of the venture capitalist Vito ONE, Daria supports tech start-ups, especially in the areas of construction and energy, in their idea and founding phase. Why are these two areas such an exciting field for innovation? »In the smart city of the future, technology and connectivity will play a decisive role«, Daria says. That’s why she is the co-founder of the 1E9 DENKFABRIK , that officially starts on 11 July with a CONFERENCE in Munich.

Daria’s most important lessons for powerful women

To Daria, #ConnectedSheCan means building her own network. »Unfortunately, many women still underestimate how important a good network is for their own career. For me, relevant and solid connections are the key elements for success.«

It’s the goal to bring together visionaries and entrepreneurs from all over the world and to develop a positive narrative for the future together. »We want that 1E9 helps developing new ideas, partnerships and networks that bring Germany forward as a technology location. Projects should be created that make the world better. Women are especially welcome!«

Listen to the (German) interview with Daria in the sisterMAG podcast

Anna Figoluschka

Anna Figoluschka never planned on founding her own company. After her son was born, she went back to her full-time job. But she repeatedly encountered certain boundaries: »I quickly discovered that it’s quite the stretch to pick up a three-year-old from day-care on time and switch to being a mum and taking care of our home.« This way, she had the idea for a digital tool that makes it easier for parents to organise the care for their children.

The solution Anna developed: the app Kidpick. 

At her own risk and without external investors, she brought the slightly different family calendar to life: »I was only driven by my own passion and need for such a tool.« KidPick joins all appointments and contacts and lets you schedule playdates, determine who is responsible for picking up or organise the next birthday party.

But that’s not all: Anna is continually developing her »DIGITAL PARENT SUPPORT TOOL«, as she calls it. She wants to create a platform where entrepreneurs can develop their products and tools further. The community can also find supporting partners from the areas of politics and economy!

Are you curious and want to learn more? Over the next weeks, you get to know our women better in video portraits on the Vodafone magazine »Featured«!

To Anna, #ConnectedSheCan means using technology and connectivity to master being a parent – the balance between motherhood and entrepreneurship. But it also means to connect with people in the digital space and to accompany them on their path – be it as an occasional babysitter or by developing further interesting tools!