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Money Gifts well packaged

Give away money in an envelope? This is possible in a more creative way! In sisterMAG, we show you in different difficulty levels how to pack your money gifts in an original and sophisticated way in the future, so that the gifted person will be happy in any case. You will learn how to fold, bind and roll the notes if you start reading here and watch our DIY-Videos on YouTube…

Money gifts well packaged

Simply money in an envelope? For all of you who find this too uncreative and, above all, impersonal, we have looked into original packaging ideas for money gifts.

In line with the »Gold Rush theme of this sisterMAG issue we have developed various creative ideas on how to fold, roll or bind the bank notes to be gifted, so that the recipient can enjoy it even more.

The ideas have different difficulty levels, so that even DIY beginners find something for themselves.