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sisterMAG No. 37 / May 2018

With the blooming season approaching, we chose the 60s comedy »Send me no flowers« with Doris Day, Rock Hudson and Tony Randall as inspiration for sisterMAG issue 37. The film relates to the inherent fears of many people: illness and death. Based on Rock Hudson’s movie character George Kimball – one of the most famous hypochondriacs in film history – we explore the cultural history of hypochondriacs. However, don’t forget to enjoy life as well! That is why we chose five books and five films that invite you to do exactly that. And – as you might have guessed – flowers play a major role as well. We share our favorite Instagram-Florists, our contributors set out to find the best flower exhibitions, visited the Chelsea Flower Show and even learned the language of flowers themselves. And we got to work as well by decorating a movie inspired »Table of the Month«.

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