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sisterMAG No. 29-2 / May 2017

With Jeans and Flamingo heading straight for summer! This was the motto for the second issue of our sisterMAG edition in Pink & Blue. Here, we’ll show you how to blend Jeans & Flamingos in your everyday-outfits and what will bring them onto your wish list. Furthermore, we looked into the past of our favourite pair of trousers and the person most of us connect most strongly with the colour pink: Barbie! And of course, there’s plenty to make with our own hands. There are delicious Drip Cakes made by Dilek from dilekerei, as well as small DIYs which will have you wanting to wear your favourite pair of jeans even more often. This section also features an introduction to our newest project: sisterMAG Radio – a podcast series with inspiring personalities. The first up is Amber Riedl, founder and CEO of Makerist which makes her a true #girlboss. But she’s not the only one! Together with Maybelline, we met with four more #girlbosses and asked them about their Big Shot beauty secrets. We hope you’ll have plenty of fun with this Jeans and Flamingo issue and hopefully early signs of summer will allow you to enjoy the issue in the park or on your balcony!

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