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sisterMAG No. 34 / February 2018

While it is still gloomy and cold outside, we get cosy inside with sisterMAG issue number 2 of this year and a true film classic: »Breakfast at Tiffany’s«. Not only does the romance bring New York City flair to the screen, it also inspired us to a colourful mix of topics and articles – from icons such as Audrey Hepburn and the Little Black Dress to the best breakfast spots in New York to the development of taxis in a digitized age. And did you know that you can now enjoy an actual breakfast at Tiffany’s? However, if you are not planning a trip to New York any time soon, you might be inspired by the locations of our Alpro Breakfast Club or our international breakfast recipes. Wherever you like to eat it the most, we hope that you enjoy the – to us – best meal of the day and hope you have a great time with our new sisterMAG issue!

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