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sisterMAG No. 30-3 / August 2017

In our third section of sisterMAG 30 – »Emerald and Peach Cobbler« – our colour schemes in peach and green (as well as our cover models) finally come together. And just as multidimensional as these colours are our contents this time. You can find delicious homemade soft serve recipes as well as a creative canned apricot menu. Also keep your eyes open for precious materials such as emeralds, velvet and delicate lingerie in history. A special highlight for us is of course the sisterMAG team shooting in postcard dresses. It is part of the Sicily feature, which also contains many tips on films and books around the Italian island and tells the history and the founders of the Italian luxury brand Dolce & Gabbana. If you read this issue and still cannot get enough of corals and greens, make sure to check out our »The Book by Its Cover« article for a lot more reading material!


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