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sisterMAG No. 27-3 Fire Up / December 2016

»Fire Up« is the title of our third and last section of the sisterMAG »Wood & Fire« issue. And as you can tell by the name, it will get »hot«. In a short summary, we are looking back on the history of women as firefighters. We will also show you some great ideas on spicy cocktails with ginger as well as delicious chili-recipes – just right for cold and wintery days. Firy and dynamic will be our feature on chess boxing as well. Together with our partner Glaceau vitaminwater, we took a closer look at the trend sports and its athletes. About the adventure of a lifetime, the Burning Man Festival in the Nevada Desert, blogger Tricky Tine writes in an article. New Year’s resolution: smaller input with bigger output? Along with some experts, we cruised along with the new Ford Ka+ and dedicated a feature to this Mini-Max principle.

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