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sisterMAG No. 49 / June 2019

sisterMAG No. 49 is dedicated to a painting that all of you have probably seen more than once: »The Kiss« by the Viennese Art Nouveau artist Gustav Klimt. We get started with Elisabeth Stursbergs article on »What happened in 1907«, the year the famous painting by Klimt was created. We are introduced to other famous kisses in the arts. We take a look into FemTech, (software) products and services that focus on women’s health and introduce you to the app »Natural Cycles« as natural contraceptive method in our Start-up Spotlight. Our Digital Ladies Travel series is also entering the next round, this time to the »golden city« of Prague where Gustav Klimt had a large solo exhibition during his lifetime. Also, there are some culinary treasures: food blogger Olimpia Davies prepared 3 delicious recipes on »Aphrodisiac Food« and Lauren Caris Short quick and refreshing ideas for the »Golden Theme« are perfect for summertime, as it should not be too heavy!

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