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45/5 Stamp Printed Summer Skirt with Button Down Front

In sisterMAG N°45 we present you a new collection of sewing patterns, inspired by Abel Martín’s colourful abstract artwork titled »Sans Titre«. Here you’ll find the free download for our Stamp Printed Summer Skirt with Button Down Front, worn by our cover model Francesca Minotti , designed by Evi Neubauer.

Download (PDF, 16 MB)

Instructions for wide Summer Skirt with Stamp Print & Spanish Houses

sisterMAG 45


  • 2,70 heavy linen (order e.g. here at Pavani)
  • Textile paint in different colours. In our example we used the colours by Marabu Textil:
    • Apricot (025)
    • Peach (224)
    • Jade Green (261)
    • Sand (042)
    • Vermilion (030)
    • Pink (033)
    • Carmine Red (032)
    • Gray (078)
    • Reseda (061)
  • Textile marker in black
  • Brush
  • Potatoes
  • Velvet ribbon in the desired colour and width (in our example for a waist of 71 cm = 2,5 cm wide velvet ribbon in orange, 78 cm)
  • Filler to iron onto the waistband (78 cm x 10 cm)
  • 5 buttons + 1 special button for waistband




  • Cut the fabric with a width of 2,60m + 5+5cm add-on (front seam to front seam) and the desired length (waistband to bottom seam) – in our case 77 cm
  • Using our chosen material of heavy linen, the bottom seam does not have to be sewn (selvedge). If you are using a different fabric, please add 5cm for the seam in length.
  • Stitch the fabric on the left and right using the zig-zag setting
  • Iron over 5 cm of fabric on the left and right for the button holes
  • For the inner print, print the template on 22 DIN-A4 pages. Glue the edges together and trace with an ironing pen.
  • Put the template onto the fabric upside down. Place in the centre (be careful to leave the same amount of space on both sides for the edge of your stamp.)
  • Consulting your trace lines, iron on the picture (usually with high temperature and without steam). You’ll colour it in later.



  • Start stamping: you can easily choose your own pattern. The pattern for our stamps can be found with these instructions.
  • Print out the stamp shapes and cut them out. Place them on half a potato and cut the edges about 5mm deep. Cut off the outer parts to reveal a raised shape.
  • Choose your liquid textile colours and apply them to the top of the potato stamp using a paintbrush. Start stamping! (Plan according to our pattern on page xxx)
  • When your done with the edges, let everything dry. Continue with the shapes in the centre.



  • Trace the cityscape with a textile pen. Choose a pen that won’t bleed into your fabric – best to try it out first.
  • Use black or a colour of your choice to trace all of the lines. Then add highlights with a different colour using a paintbrush (e.g. windows…)
  • Let everything dry for 24 hours
  • Iron the colours into the fabric to fixate them according to the instructions on the package.



  • First up, lay the pleats. The calculations for your length can be found in the information box on the right.
  • Draw on the pleats and fix every one with a pin before sewing them (about 1cm away from the edge)
  • Continue with every pleat
  • For the waistband, cut a velvet ribbon the length of your waistband (Calculation: waist width + 2 cm addition + 2 cm seam allowance + 3cm underlap).
  • Cut your waistband from the skirt fabric – size of the velvet ribbon + 1,5 cm seam allowance around the edges
  • Iron the inlay / filling onto the waistband (skirt fabric).
  • Now sew the velvet ribbon with the shorter side (right on right) along its selvedge onto the skirt fabric that has been fixed with the filling.
  • Sew the waistband onto the top edge of the skirt (left on left).
  • Iron to the top and flip the velvet ribbon to the front. Invisibly stitch it onto the front by hand.
  • Fold over the ribbon by the edges and invisibly sew them on by hand using small stitches.