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Summer Drink Recipe »Smoked Scotch Negroni«

In sisterMAG No. 50, Lukas Grossmann created the perfect summer drinks for your holidays… Find here the free download to the following drink: »Smoked Scotch Negroni«. Enjoy!

Download (PDF, 487 KB)

Summer Drink Recipe »Smoked Scotch Negroni«

  • 2cl Scotch (e.g. Talisker 10 years)
  • 2cl Campari
  • 2cl Vermouth (e.g. Belsazar Rose)
  • 2 pieces of beech wood


  • Orange peel
  1. Light the two pieces of beech wood with a culinary torch, let them burn for a while, then put two tall drink glasses over them and smoke the glasses.
  2. Put Scotch, Campari, Vermouth and 2 pieces of orange peel into a carafe, add a handful of ice and stir it well with a bar spoon.
  3. Fill up the tall drink glasses with ice, spread the drink over the glasses and garnish them with a piece of orange peel.