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DIY »Paper Dahlias« by Silvia Dahlias

Find here the »Paper Dahlias« DIY by artist Silvia Raga from Giochi di Carta from sisterMAG No. 62 as a free download. Have fun!

Download (PDF, 898 KB)

DIY »Paper Dahlias« by Silvia Dahlias


  • Cardboard 160 g
  • Paint brush
  • Hot glue
  • Hole punch
  • Flower stem
  • Template
  • Scalpel, scissors or cutting machine


  1. Cut the shapes that will form the dahlia: you can use the template with the cutting machine, or print it, bring the design back to the cardboard and then cut with scissors or a scalpel.
  2. With the handle of the brush, curl the smaller shapes, those that will form the central part of the flower.
  3. Paste these shapes one above the other with the hot glue, first the smallest, then the biggest.
  4. Always with the aid of handle of the brush, model all the petals as showed in the picture.
  5. Once the petals are attached, try to lift them from the centre and repeat these steps for all the other shapes.
  1. Now we are ready to arrange the dahlia.
  2. Put the hot glue in the centre and also at the junction of the petals, then overlap the first shapes assembled.
  3. Continue with the other shapes, always put the hot glue from the same direction.
  4. This is how the finished dahlia looks (there are 3 pics with different points of view). With both the hands, try to mold the flower into a spherical shape. If needed, form the petals with your fingers.
  5. Now make a little hole with the punch.
  6. Put a drop of hot glue and insert the flower stem.
  7. The dahlia is complete!
  8. Then do the others with different shades of colours…
  9. … and arrange them with some dried field herbs!