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DIY »Easy Rattan Hoop Earrings«

Our sisterMAG issue No. 50 is dedicated to the material »rattan«, better known as »Viennese weave«. Various bloggers show their favorite DIY ideas with rattan. Here you can download the instructions for the DIY »Easy Rattan Hoop Earrings« from Maritza for free. Have fun!

Download (PDF, 246 KB)

DIY »Easy Rattan Hoop Earrings«


  • Gold earring posts– get a pair that has a hole or loop at the bottom (or back) on each post to connect with your jump ring. (I got mine on etsy)
  • 32mm Rattan earring hoops (I got mine on etsy)
  • Gold colored earring backs
  • Gold colored jump rings (I used 2 for each earring)
  • Jewelry making pliers (I used 2 for opening and closing the jump rings)


  1. The rattan hoops may have some natural holes for your jump rings. If they do not, pierce a hole near the top in each hoop using something sharp (I used a hole reamer).

  2. Open your jump rings with pliers – I used 2 sets of pliers (one in each hand) to twist (one side toward you, the other side away from you) each jump ring so that the ends opened forward and backward.

  3. With the jump ring ends open, put the earring post on one end then connect with the 2 jump rings and the rattan hoop.

  4. Close the jump rings with pliers.

  5. Repeat for the other earring.

  6. Add the earring backs to each earring.