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sisterMAG Christmas Calendar Special

In less than two weeks it’s already time to open the first Christmas calendar door. That means you have to hurry up, if you still want to surprise your loved ones with a homemade Christmas calendar. The sisterMAG team started really early and asked already in October five bloggers to create their personal DIY calendar for the sisterMAG Special. The outcome are very different ideas for last-minute DIY artists, folding experts and scissors champions.

For Tea Lovers

In line with #sisterMAG21’s main theme illustrator Alice Williamson created 24 small teacups. The artwork can be downloaded on our website. Simply cut out the mini cups, bend them slightly and insert it into the background. Small sweets and pastries for tea can be put into it.

Go to Tea Cup Calendar.

For Inspiration Lovers

The inspiration calendar of Lebenslustiger provides an aphorisms for every day until Christmas Eve to pause, reflect and smile. Simply print out the cards and attach them to the self-made suspension. Or for DIY beginners: Simply use a Christmas wreath from a florist.

Go to Inspiration Calendar.

For Individualists

Mette of Monsterscircus ensures that the Christmas calendar decorates your home even after Christmas. Transparent Christmas balls are covered with butterflies and then filled and suspended as you want.

Go to Butterfly Calendar.

For Paper Artists

Brittany from House That Lars Built has created a new edition of the traditional Christmas tree lighting. The paper fairy lights are individually filled and do certainly not burn anything.

Got to Paper Light Calendar.

For Fashionistas

24 outfits from 3 years of sisterMAG – illustrator Emma Block has drawn them for us. We not only have the pattern for you, but also all the girls to print on gift tags or the small little boxes.

Go to sisterMAG Girls Calendar.

In addition to our DIY ideas from #sisterMAG21 we found some great DIYs on the Internet for you! Searching many, many Pinterest feeds and blogs the sisterMAG team found some gorgeous Christmas calendars to make the Top 10 of the most amazing Christmas Calendars 2015 complete!

For Professionals

Andrea from WLKMNDYS // WE LIKE MONDAY created with her parcel tree a Christmas calendar, that hangs framed like a large pop-up picture on the wall. Instructions and the calendar numbers can be found for download on her blog.

Go to Parcel Tree.


Photo © Anne Deppe

For Stationary Fans

On the French blog  you will find the print template for the 25 small winter houses, which together form a sugar-sweet Christmas village. Download, print and glue together – luckily understandable even without an in-depth knowledge of the French language! Also all the other DIY ideas from recent years are simply wonderful, for example, the 2012 pennant chain.

Go to Christmas Village.


Photo © zü


For Minimalists

Let’s go through the winter woods with Oh Happy Day. The creative team cut down 24 small trees and glued them on top of little parcels. The numbers are available as templates for download.

Go to Winter Woods.


Photo © Aubrey Trinnaman for Oh Happy Day

For Form Lovers

We still have not seen enough of geometric shapes, although the trend has already been going on for some time. Therefore, we recommend the DIY idea, which we have found at So Soft Sunday.

Go to Geometric Christmas Calendar.


Photo © sosoftsunday

For Wild Catcher

Jennifer blogs at A Merry Mishap Blog and has simply re-used the decorative antlers for her Christmas DIY idea. A beautiful eye-catcher, which is done easily without much effort.

Go to Antlers Christmas Calendar.


Photo © A Merry Mishap Blog




The Christmas Workshop has officially opened! What DIY ideas do you like best and which DIY Christmas calendar have you already discovered? We are always happy to see photos of your creations – just use the hashtag #sisterMAGxMAS so we can find them. We wish you lots of fun with the Christmas preparations!