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sisterMAG Christmas Bakery

The Christmas season invites you to heat the stove and to bake your own Christmas goodies. We were inspired by our favorite food blogs and also scoured past sisterMAG issue for our Top 10 Christmas Bakery.

We start with the high art of cake baking, which our food photographer Claudia Gödke masters in any case. In the sisterMAG Xmas Special she shows you how to make a Christmas cake step by step and succeed: from the bottom to the perfect filling up to frosting and decoration.

Go to Christmas Workshop with Claudia Gödke.

Photo © Claudia Gödke

The wonderful Jeanny shows you on her blog Zucker, Zimt und Liebe (“Sugar, Cinnamon and Love”) the recipe for the perfect winter, advent and Christmas drink. This works without baking, but should not be missing in our Christmas Bakery! But in order to stay on topic: We highly recommended her quark stollen!

Go to Homemade Mulled Apple Cider by Zucker, Zimt und Liebe.

Photo © Zucker, Zimt und Liebe

The sisterMAG team is indeed known as great Matcha fan. So it seems also Anne is, because on her blog Anne’s Kitchen she shows you how to create Matcha Chestnut Truffles. Instead of chocolate just mix Matcha into the pralines! Beautifully packaged they are also a great gift idea.

Go to Anne’s Matcha Chestnut Truffles.

Photo © Anne Faber

Backbube Markus revives a Swabian classics. The Hutzelbrot is mainly made of dried fruits and nuts. However, it name has the “Schnitzbrot” from the Schwobaländle dry pears – the so-called “Hutzeln”. For the finish Markus layered ice-cold butter on top – An Guada!

Go to Swabian Hutzelbrot.

Photo © Markus Hummel

To warm your frozen fingers after a winter walk, you best take a cup of tea in your hand. Frau Herzblut takes care of the teatime treats. With her cakes, scones and cupcakes it will be a comfortable and long afternoon in the cold season.

Go to Teatime recipes with Frau Herzblut.

Photo © Carolin Strothe

Last year this fantastic almond biscuit tart hid behind the 24th door of the Advent calendar by Monsieurmuffin. A little bit short in time to be crowned as Christmas cake. However, we find that this almond biscuits tart has earned a place of honor on the Christmas table this year!

Go to Almond Biscuit Tart by Monsieurmuffin.

Photo © Jennifer Friedrich

Kevin of the blog Law of Baking invited with Natasha from Das Küchengeflüster a wonderful guest to his blog. For him Natascha baked gingerbread brownies, which can be flexibly converted into almond biscuit brownies. But also with her red wine cake and St. Nicholas icecream Natascha raises our Christmassy anticipation.

Go to Gingerbread Brownies by Das Küchengeflüster.

Photo © Natascha Schuler

Nibble, nibble, gnawFräulein Klein turns the gingerbread house into a Christmas tart. Behind it hides a juicy spice cake. At the same time this recipe teaches you, how to bake delicious gingerbread cookies. In addition you will find her wonderful red velvet cupcakes under this link – Yvonne’s blog is definitely a good address for Christmas recipes!

Go to Sweet Winter Landscape by Fräulein Klein.

Photo © Yvonne Bauer

We already told you, that we love Matcha. Therefore, also our Christmas stollen gets a serving. In addition, vanilla kipferl, fudge and Christmas pudding were wrapped in the green tea powder by Claudia Gödke for our last sisterMAG Christmas issue.

Go to Christmas Matcha recipes.

Photo © Claudia Gödke

Sarah from the blog Knusperstübchen interpreted the classic pyramid cake in a new way and piled in white chocolate dipped stars to trees. Although the layers need a bit of patience, the cake itself is ultimately quite simple to bake, Sarah assures us.

Go to Pyramid Cake by Knüsperstübchen.

Photo © Sarah Zahn