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Five easy recipes for the Christmas season

Christmas season is almost here and we have five easy and tasty recipes, which you should really try.
We had a look on our favorite food blogs as well as in our sisterMAG recipe archive. Let’s get ready or Christmas. Bon appétit!

Elderberry vanilla tart

Elderberry vanilla tart with speculatius and marshmallow meringue – sounds great and tastes even better! Create this wonderful tart in only 25 minutes. Thanks to Claudia Gödke!

Pomegranate ginger cocktail

May we present? The spicy pomegranate ginger cocktail from Anne Klein. The perfect mix of sweet and spicy. Enjoy with your friends or even alone on a cold winter day.

Cinnamony pull-apart bread muffins with maple syrup glaze

Jeanny from the blog Zucker, Zimt und Liebe delights us with a pull-apart bread recipe. You can also prepare the cinnamony pull-apart bread muffins with maple syrup glaze and a cinnamon-snail filling.

Christmas cookies with fondant

Franziska from Dynamite Cake has a recipe for easy Christmas cookies with fondant, which are also great gift-idea if you decorate them as nicely as she did

Sword fish, Meyer Lemon butter, and celery salad

Finally, there is also a savoury option waiting for you. If you wish to add a hearty component to your Advent evening, Claudia from “Dinner um 8“ created this delicious recipe for sword fish, Meyer Lemon butter, and celery salad to enjoy.

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