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10 Activities for winter-time in Berlin

1. Wintersports And Snow Fun In The City

Shopping-platform Locafox has created a map of sledding hills in the capital, showing you the best spots for sledding. Fans of more extreme activites can go to the Tempelhofer Feld and have a go at snow kiting. Since the layer of snow only has to be 10cm high, snow kiters can be seen speeding around the Tempelhofer Feld almost all winter. Fancy a ride? VisitBerlin shows you all the spots to learn snow kiting.

2. Botanical Garden & Museum In Dahlem

Berlin is one of the greenest major cities, accommodating one of the biggest botanical gardens in the world and the only botanical museum in Europe in Berlin-Dahlem. 43 hectars of African, Australian, East Asian, Mediterranean and tropical plants invite every visitor to get lost in one of the 15 greenhouses. The impressive architecture of these conservatories stems from the 19th century, displaying the most beautiful designs made from glass and steel. The main tropical greenhouse has a total height of 25 meters and an imposing size of 1.700 square metres, making it one of the biggest greenhouses in the world. Find all information on tickets, tours and events here.


3. Indoor markets

Opening in 1891, the Arminius market hall was only the 10th of its kind to open in Berlin. Located in Moabit, its 3.500 square metres are filled with everything from traditional to exotic and modern goods. Young designers use the space to display their work and local manufacturers sell their groceries, making the market hall a hub for cultural activities. The Markthalle Neun in Kreuzberg, one of the predecessors of the Arminius market hall, has become a regular spot for events. The Breakfast Market, Street Food Thursday and Coffee Festival are only a few of the fast paced, contemporary events this place has to offer. One of the regulars there is the Berlin-based craft beer brewery Heidenpeters. Those who enjoy a calmer stroll around the stands will love the Treptower Hallentrödelmarkt.

4. Urban Winter Gardening

Another one of the countless activities the Tempelhofer Feld has to offer: urban winter gardening. Those who don’t have a balcony or even a garden to satisfy their craving for nature, can join the 500 members of the collective garden in the Allmende-Kontor. The Prinzesinnengarten in Kreuzberg doesn’t have private beets, but hundreds of volunteers to support its green cause. Vegetables and herbs are grown in boxes and rices sacks so they aren’t exposed to possible toxic substances in the soil. Above the roofs of Berlin, the people of himmelbeet are growing their veggies atop the Schillerpark centre in Wedding. At meine ernte,  professional gardeners prepare your land and plant 20 different vegetables, so you only have to take care of the plants and harvest them. These are only a few gardening possibilities in Berlin, even more can be found here at tip Berlin.

5. Walk in the woods

Strolling through the Grunewald in West Berlin, one can hardly believe that this peaceful stretch of land is part of a megacity. The 3000 hectar wood hides an old monitoring station of the US-army as well as the oldest castle in Berlin:Jagdschloss Grunewald. TheGrunewaldturm is 55 metres high and offers a beautiful view towards the city centre. As over 50% of the trees are pine trees, those looking for cones to make our DIY are in the right place, too. Starting in March, the mundraub tours are perfect for anyone in search of a great woodland experience. All the information can be found on

6. Berlin Knitting

Struggling with the super chunky knitting DIY at home? Visit one of the countless knitting courses in Berlin and learn everything from the basics to more advanced techniques to make your own beautiful Nordic sweater. Knit Knit in Berlin-Mitte andWollen in Friedrichshain offer courses for beginners and advanced knitters: here and here.

7. Storytime

Built atop the bunker at the Monbijou park, the fairytale hut shows all the classic fairytales by Hans-Christian Andersen and the brothers Grimm. In March, the small theatre moves back to its original home at Senefelderplatz. In April, the play ‘Der Zerbrochene Krug’ will have its premiere on the Märchenberg (Pfefferberg).
The tearoom on Oranienburger Straße is another magical place. Its origin lies in the Republic of Tadzhikistan, the tea is served to the guests sitting on cushions at the traditional low tables. The Märchenfrauen Nina Korn and Katja Popow mythically transform the tearoom every Monday evening.

8. Hamam 

The Hamam offers a unique, spa-like experience. Marble niches and steam baths are only the basics, massages, peelings and facials add to the luxurious experience. An important part of the Hamam culture is the body peeling ‘Kese’ and the following soap massage ‘Sabunlama’. The traditional Sultan Hamam Berlin is exclusively for women from Tuesday to Saturday, Mondays are for men and Sundays for everyone. The Hamam at the Schokoladenfabrik is only for women.

9. Shibori

Shibori is a traditionally japanese method for dyeing, creating its unique patterns by twisting and folding the fabric. When its warm enough outside, be inspired by our Pinterest-Board DIY: Fabrics and convert your balcony into a dyeing-workshop. In Gottsdorf, a 131 inhabitant town in Brandenburg, Gudrun and Detlef David have been hosting Shibori workshops for 25 years. The Textile Art Fair in Berlin usually hosts courses like these, too. Find out more here.

10. Black Light Miniature Golf

TheSchwarzlichtinsel in Berlin resembles more of a fantastic dream world than an actual place. 18 courses lead the player through the 3D experience, created under the theme of “visionary worlds”. The Görlitzer Park also offers black light miniature golf, including sights of Berlin like the Brandenburger Tor, the Berliner Bär and the Siegessäule.