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DIY Christmas Calendars 2018: Top 10 Ideas To Make At Home

(1) A small Christmas village from Sweden

Sofia uses her blog »Mokkasin« to show us her beautiful Swedish everyday life. Her four kids make sure that she celebrates Christmas the right way and we really fell in love with her little Christmas village. She bought her papier mâché boxes at MATERIAL while we found options at Kreativdepot and the Kunstpark online shop. Just stick on the little flags, paint on the windows and voilà! They look their best on a beautiful shelf. Read the (Swedish) post here.  Sofia on Instagram: @sofiaatmokkasin

(2) The greenery Christmas calendar »Send me no flowers«

This is an idea from sisterMAG issue 42: a Christmas calendar for nature lovers. Start collecting golden leaves, grasses and flowers in November to press them between heavy books for around a week while making the tags and bags for the back side. Put 24 nails into a big wooden board (we painted ours beige). This calendar is a great decoration, too! For all the urban jungle bloggers and greenery lovers ;) Click here for the  instructions and to download the pattern. sisterMAG on Instagram: @sister_mag

(3) For stationery lovers – the American Airmail Christmas calendar

You can always rely on the US-based blog »Oh Happy Day« for colourful inspiration. The »Mini Mail Advent Calendar« includes 24 little presents designed like traditional American Airmail. The blogpost includes a free printable for small stamps. Click here to read the post. Oh Happy Day on Instagram: @ohhappyday

(4) Geometric minimalism

Judith from Frau Liebling developed a very special geometric paper Christmas calendar. Simply fold 24 pyramids in colours of your choice – chose several colours or go simple with one or two: the template leaves lots of space for customisation. Head over to Judith’s blog for the free printable and take a look at her beautiful handlettering and watercolouring tutorials while you’re over there! Use your new-found knowledge to write numbers on the bottoms of your pyramids. Click here to get to the post. Judith on Instagram: @frau.liebling

(5) The Christmas calendar for »Mary Poppins« lovers

This is for the ones of you who can’t decide on a calendar filling: Alice from Designed By Alice designed this calendar with illustrations of Mary Poppins and her dancing penguins from Disney’s iconic movie. The penguin’s tummies are made from silver chocolate balls that are available at supermarkets and many online shops. The pattern is available for free for all sisterMAG newsletter subscribers. Sign up here!

(6) Christmas calendar made from mint-coloured screw top jars

This is a DIY Christmas calendar to upcycle all of your old glasses and bottles by Jule from Craft Room Stories. The old glasses and bottles are spray painted so they hide their contents well. The lids get a new lease of life with a coating of copper paint. Small tags and number stickers make for a beautiful forest of glass, complete with miniature trees. Click here to read Jule’s post. Jule on Instagram: @craftroomstories 

(7) For music lovers – »Sound of Music« Christmas calendars

You might remember our cute paper-tapes from earlier this year. Back then, we used them as gift boxes for USB-sticks with mixtapes on them – now they’re coming back as Christmas calendars! The paper-tapes are simply printed on colourful paper (we used Paper Poetry from idee Creativmarkt), cut out and glued together. They offer lots of space for lipsticks, jewellery, cables and chocolate or other sweets. Another beautiful idea: 24 song tips with Spotify links ;)! This way to the instructions! sisterMAG on Instagram: @sister_mag

(8) Grand Budapest Hotel Christmas Calendar in Mendl’s boxes

Of course you can fill these sweet pastry boxes from Wes Anderson’s film »Grand Budapest Hotel« with other things than candy. Be inspired by the beautiful design of this fictitious pastry chef. Simply print the pattern from sisterMAG N°42 on thick paper, cut it out and start folding! Get the free download on the sisterMAG website. 

(9) Metropolis Christmas calendar

Inspired by the movie »Metropolis«, sisterMAG-designer Marie Darme developed a city of skyscrapers, bridges and tower blocks. Put together your own skyline by arranging the little boxes as you wish. Print out the pattern, cut it out and start folding! The DIY is available for free for all sisterMAG-newsletter subscribers. Click here to subscribe!

(10) Paper fairy lights

Back in sisterMAG N°21 (serious throwback right there!), we featured a beautiful tutorial for paper fairy lights by Brittany from House That Lars Built. Head to our website for the instructions and pattern. Brittany on Instagram: @houselarsbuilt