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DIY Christmas Gift Collection: “Patchwork Cover for an Ironing Board”

Are you looking for beautiful, but simple gift ideas for Christmas? How about a patchwork cover for an ironing board? Select fabric remnants in the desired colours, cut them into squares and then sew them together. The Christmas gift is finished.

DIY Christmas Gift Collection: »Patchwork Cover for an Ironing Board«



– Spare pieces of cotton fabric in varying colours
– 0,5m (20″) Molton cotton for the padding
For the sideparts:
– Approx. 2m (79″) of elastic, 0,5mm (0.2″) in width
– Approx. 1m (39″) of string 




Cut the Fabrics
– 12 white squares 11x11cm (4.3″x4.3″) each
– 14 white squares 12x12cm (4.7″x4.7″) each, cut diagonally to make 38 white triangles
– 14 squares in varying colours 12x12cm (4.7″x4.7″) each, cut diagonally
– Strips of white fabric, 7cm (2.75″) in width – their length will depend on the size of the board 


Sewing Instructions
Sew the triangles together as shown in the photograph and assemble the individual rows one by one
– Don’t nest the seam allowance by pressing it towards one side, as you would with ordinary patchwork, but divide it in order to avoid bumps which would get in your way when ironing
– Make sure you create an hourglass pattern and check the alignment regularly
– Stitch the individual rows together
– Attach the white strips to the narrow and broadsides. 


Instructions "Ironing Board Cover" (PDF, 42 KB)