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DIY Christmas Gift Collection: “Bow Pullover”

Fancy a recycling project that also makes a great Christmas gift? Then our bow pullover is just the thing! Simply cut apart a men’s pullover, cut it out again, sew it together and decorate it with a large bow in the back. The perfect Christmas pullover!

DIY Christmas Gift Collection: »Bow Pullover«



– 0,6m (23.6”) silk chiffon, e.g. from Anita Pavani Stoffe
– a large man’s sweater



– Disassemble the sweater keeping the neck cuff intact (as redoing it will require a lot of time and patience)
– Cut the pieces according to the pattern and finish the edges to avoid running
– For the slit, take a spare piece from the sweater or any other strip of fabric to the centre of the rear part and turn them over, sewing the inside on by hand
– Seam up the sweater
– Cut two strips of chiffon of 70x27cm (27.5″x10.5″) each
– Seam them up lengthwise using very small zigzag stitching
– Hem one narrow side of each strip by hand
– Fold the respective open narrow ends and slide each into one open end of the neck cuff
– Seam up the open neck cuff ends