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DIY “Felt Mistletoe Pattern”

Create a festive mistletoe branch made of felt with our instructions and pattern. DIY idea and photos by Emily Steffen – oh yay studio.

Felt Mistletoe Pattern



– Green felt (in as many colors as you’d like to create depth…I used 2)
– Sharp scissors
– Ribbon or string for hanging
– Hot glue or fabric glue
– Jewelry wire or thin wire
– optional white pom poms for berries :)
– PDF pattern of mistletoe shapes



1.) Cut out at least 3 sets (2 of the same shape) of the mistletoe from green felt. I used 2 colors and cut out 3 sets of big ones and 2 sets of small ones (2 of each to make a “set”)

2.) With your wire, begin to cut out smaller pieces to glue between the 2 layers of felt. Start with cutting a big piece that goes down the middle and then as many small pieces to go down from the center to the other “arms” of the mistletoe.

3.) Then with your hot glue or fabric glue begin to put small dots off glue on your mistletoe to hold the wire in place. Allow to fully dry

4.) Then layer another piece of the same size mistletoe over top of your wire to make a “sandwich” of felt-wire pieces glued in-felt

5.) Repeat steps 2-3 with as many pieces as desired! :)

6.) Then line up the top stem area and with a piece of string, tie the mistletoe pieces together. You can use a dab of glue if necessary to hold together in place. Then hang in your fave mistletoe and/or smooching spot in your house :)


Felt Mistletoe Pattern (PDF, 644 KB)