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Fashion Feature: Stripes Collection

One of the focus topics of sisterMAG No. 67 is the theme “stripes”. Therefore, not only the outfits in our shooting are striped, but the whole shooting set. We photographed French sewing influencer Valentine // Happy as a bee in blue-white and red-white block stripes for the new collection by sisterMAG Patterns. You’ll find 12 new or reinterpreted patterns to sew. You can find all sewing patterns in our store at

Fashion Feature „Stripes“ – sisterMAG Patterns

Are you ready to fire up your sewing machines? In this issue, we‘d like to introduce you to the adorable striped designs from the our new sisterMAG Patterns Collection. Our wonderful model and sewing influencer Valentine from „Happy as a Bee“ presents a diverse selection of patterns – new and re-interpreted, with which you can spice up your wardrobe with handmade treasures. From breezy summer dresses to casual blouses, this collection offers the perfect design for every occasion. Let your creativity run wild and experiment with different fabrics, lengths and details to create your very own unique pieces. With self-sewn striped fashion you are always on trend and radiate an incomparable lightness.


07-3 Raglan Blouse with round collar and pockets

A fun pairing with this raglan blouse with round collar and pockets. The special touch however comes in the back with a long flap detail that you can pin down with a brooch. The blouse is buttoned up in the back, has patch pockets and a fun collar.

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67-8 Short pants with pleats


When getting up on a super hot morning, the only thing we want to wear is a comfortable, easy-to-style garment. Look no further than these short pants with pleats. The sewing pattern is ultra comfortable and absolutely flattering! One of Valentine‘s favourites and of course one of ours as well!

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09-4 Slim dress with bodice piece


The sewing pattern for our slim dress with a bodice piece is a versatile and elegant design that flatters the figure. This pattern includes a fitted bodice with darts for shaping, creating a sleek and tailored look. The slim silhouette of the dress accentuates the curves while maintaining a sophisticated appeal. With clear instructions and labeled pattern pieces, this sewing pattern is suitable for intermediate sewers looking to create a stylish and polished dress for any occasion. Special highlight: creating a bit of a moment with the stripes running from left to right on the bodice while attaining the slimming vertical stripes for bust piece and skirt.Go to pattern 09-4

54-1 Wide blouse with smocking embroidery


We never get tired of our favourites. This wide blouse with smocking embroidery first appeared in issue 54 and we‘ve revived it again for our collection 59. Becoming a bestseller for sisterMAG Patterns we‘ve done this beautiful new edition with a contrast colour thread to really highlight the smocking parts. If you are interested in the pattern but are afraid of the difficulty level, do not hesitate. We‘ve created a full video tutorial with all the steps to go through. A timeless classic which is worth putting the time and effort in. Psst: these pants are part of our next collection for sisterMAG68, but we couldn‘t keep it secret ;)

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67-1 Slim dress with wide sleeves and patch pocket

Sometimes a special silhouette really catches our eye and this dress is no difference. With its straight neckline in the front and the V-shaped back, a slim silhouette but super wide sleeves, it is just a total statement piece in itself. The sleeves are made with a gusset in order to guarantee comfort while moving.

41-6 The wide beach shirt

When coming home from a hot day in the office, all we want to do is throw on an easy, lightweight garment that still feels chic. We called this shirt the wide beach shirt, but let us tell you, we‘ve worn it at home non-stop! It is so cute with its round neckline, worked with a trim and super wide body piece.In our case we‘ve embellished the top with a fabric rose, making it even suitable for evening wear

67-9 Longuette skirt

Have you often wondered why the slim skirts you buy or sew yourself never look like those of the protagonists in the various American series set in law firms or advertising agencies? The cut is ok, the measurements are right, the sewing has been done properly, but the skirt still looks kind of mutty and not at all slimming. The simple truth is the cut of the sewing pattern. The center back seam is the crucial point. You‘ll notice in our sewing pattern that it is curved – and you‘ll see the difference! In any case, we were fascinated by this skirt and don‘t want to miss it any more.

41-6 Oversized Blazer without lining


Especially in summer we love a blazer that‘s easy, lightweight and that we can WASH! This oversized blazer comes without lining and is therefore a perfect project for any blazer-novice! The classic cut is an absolute dream to wear with any outfit this summer!
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08-6 Buttoned-up bustier


A Must-Have item for summer 2023. Whether it is Dolce & Gabbana, Prabal Gurung, Giambattista Valli or Alberta Ferretti, the bustier has its comeback in outerwear and we love this more elegant version of the trend. To make this more comfortable, the back is made with elastic bands to create a back piece that will adapt to your body.
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54-2 Trousers with high waistband, side zipper and 3 welted pockets


This trouser pattern has become a favorite among all who have tried them. It combines some details that make you feel comfortable and look great at the same time. The crease makes the trousers fine, piped pockets make the trousers high quality, pleats make the trousers comfortable, the waistband makes the trousers feminine and the side seam zipper makes the trousers special. A long time ago, women‘s trousers were closed almost exclusively on the side. The advantage of not having another three layers on the belly has been forgotten. Especially with thicker fabrics, it just looks better. Sometimes going back to old experiences brings a lot of added value.
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49-1 Polo shirt with bow


A polo shirt with a special twist. A small loop is sewn into the closure, and the collar is pulled through it when worn. This creates a bow, which doesn‘t need to be tied every time. Whether made of silk or, as shown here, comfortable jersey, it‘s a super beautiful piece in your wardrobe. By the way, there‘s a How-to video for it on YouTube, fortunately! Just visit sisterMAG Patterns on YouTube!
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50-1 Easy Jersey Skirt


The Go-To skirt for a comfortable wear. The jersey skirt is super easy to sew and even if you end up crawling on the floor with your 2-year-old, it will let you do that! The skirt pattern consists of one super easy piece as there is no waistband but the jersey is being folded in to create the facing inside. Perfect for beginners.
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